May 21, 2024

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187 migrants rescued from Agia Galini and Kavtos are housed in Chania.

187 migrants rescued from Agia Galini and Kavtos are housed in Chania.

Migrants seen in the yard and open parking lot of the port authority and customs buildings, in the port of Souda, Chania, Agia Kalini, migrants seen in the morning on the beach at this time. They were transported to Sphakia and then to Souda by the Tripitidis and ship at Caudos. This is total 187 peopleThey are all very tired and trying to rest.

In Sania, authorities and the self-government are deeply concerned about the overcrowding in the shelters, where dozens of migrants are housed in the Kaladas camps. The Red Cross, nurses and health workers offer their services in the hospitality areas, providing food, juices and water, registering and providing medical care to those in need.

Sania's deputy mayor told APE-MPE Eleni Serbautaki, “There is serious concern about the phenomenon of migrant flows reaching the coast of Kavtos and Crete. The province of Chania is not prepared for the increase in immigration, which creates problems both in terms of accommodation and economic needs. If migrants are found in the sea area within the boundaries of a province, even if they are unloaded by the coast guard of the province where they are found, The lawyer said to be taken to the structures. So the migrants of Agia Kalini Rethymnon are in Chania. They are all economic migrants from Egypt, Pakistan and Bangladesh” and as he added “some of them are minor children”. Mrs. Zervoudaki spoke about the strong care and concern of the municipal authority, pointing out that “we will stand by our standards, but we need the help of the official state to withstand the increased flow of immigrants.” The municipality of Agios Vasiliou in Rethymno, which belongs to the port of Agia Galini, is also ready. As Mayor Yiannis Tatarakis told APE-MPE, “We welcome them in Rethymno and then we take care of their transfer to the Old Port Authority of Rethymno. It is our duty to treat them, feed them and take care of them until the official government takes care of their transport. Unfortunately, the money to spend on these people No financial aid. Of course, nothing can be done with them except to treat them with friendship and humanity. It is better to cut them somewhere else than to abandon them. They are unhappy people.”

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