October 4, 2023

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Olympiacos – Lamia 4-0: Orgia Fortuny and the losing streak continues

Olympiacos – Lamia 4-0: Orgia Fortuny and the losing streak continues
Olympiacos achieved ‘three out of three’ against Lamia, with a 4-0 home win. Piraeus may have played away from home, but that did not stop them maintaining their unbeaten run this season, thanks to the excellent Fortunis.

the Olympic He was unstoppable in another match and with low turnovers he defeated Lamia (4-0) in the third match of the Stoiximan Super League. Somehow, the Piraeus club remained unbeaten in official matches this year, while reaching “third out of three” in terms of the tournament. In excellent condition o Kostas FortounisWho starred in another match.

The first 45 minutes started with the visitors pressing hard and having three good moments with a score of 0-1. However, as time ticked by, the hosts started to gain space and finally in the 17th minute they made it 1-0. Fortounis sent a beautiful cross from a free kick that reached the goal and scored for the team with a precise shot.

Control of the ball remained with the “red and white” feet, and Martinez’s players moved the ball. The score came 2-0 from the feet of Fortounis, who took advantage of a counterattack and attempted an excellent effort and scored the second goal for his team in the 32nd minute.

In the second half, Olympiacos’ control was complete, as the possession ratio reached 70-30 for Piraeus. However, Martinez’s players looked more in control of the match. Of course, this did not prevent them from achieving a third goal, which came by mistake.

In the 63rd minute, Rodini turned inside the area against Vasilanthonopoulos and from there it ended up in the net to make the score 3-0. The administration added that the Spanish coach’s players “turned off” their engines, and Lamia traveled a few metres, but the result did not change. In addition, Olympiacos came close to leading 4-0, but Fortounis’ shot hit the crossbar (87).

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  • end of the match

Dr.Vervelles: And here’s the fourth at last! Fortounis and El Kaabi pass the goal and it’s 4-0 against Lamia! A show of strength from the “Red and Whites” with Karaiskakis standing and chanting “Strong legend, heroism again”…

  • 90+ 6 goals for the Olympics! Fortunis passed the ball to El Kaabi and he made it 4-0 from a penalty kick.
  • Six minutes of delay
  • 87′ Dukaré for the Olympics! Kostas Fortounis tried to shoot but the ball did him no favors
  • 84′ Kamara’s header is blocked by Kulusev
  • 80′ Carlitos’ shot is blocked by Paschalakis
  • 78′ Kamara’s header is blocked by Kosilev
  • 77′ Carvalho tried a shot that went wide
  • 73′ Karvalios and Alexandropoulos come on, Masouras comes on, Essie comes on
  • 70′ Lamia goal disallowed for offside – VAR also says offside
  • 69′ A wonderful shot from El Kaabi goes towards Koselev

Dr.Vervelles: 3-0 anyway “out”, with an own goal from Vasilantonopoulos after Rodini’s cross. Olympiacos now easily “cleans” the matches and goes from 3 to 4, again to 3 and again goals… in a few days…

  • 66′ A very good header by Al Kaabi went over the goal
  • 65′ Excellent cooperation between Kenny, Masoura and Fortounis, as the latter did not find the ball as he wanted
  • 64′ Luongo left the field due to a rib injury and was replaced by Acuna
  • 63′ Olympic goal! Rodini turned inside the penalty area, and Vasilantonopoulos inadvertently found the ball and sent it into his own goal

Dr.Vervelles: Somewhat ‘poached’ on his debut, Ortega was substituted in the 59th minute. It makes sense anyway for the Argentine, his first goal was…

  • 59′ Rodini and Ferreri are on the pitch, Ortega and Ritsos are off the pitch
  • 54′ Chance for Lamia. Luongo got a header and just before the ball entered the net, Kenny cleared it.
  • 53′ Kamara tried a shot that went wide
  • 52′ A wonderful shot from Al Kaabi, but Kosilev blocked it
  • 47′ A long shot from Luongo goes over Paschalakis’ goal
  • Crosses in the second part
  • 46′ Lungo comes on for Lamia and Tsiloulis comes off

Dr.Vervelles: At the end of the first half in Karaiskakis, Olympiacos did well and took a 2-0 lead. It also gives Diego Martinez the opportunity to manage the match from the bench with changes….

  • End of the first part
  • One minute delay
  • 43′ Beautiful cross to Bale, his cross attempt goes over the post
  • 41′ Good double moment for Lamia
  • 35′ A wonderful shot from Bale, blocked by Kosilev

Dr.Vervelles: Olympiacos changes and takes a 2-0 lead in the 32nd minute, again through the Greek, this time through Kostas Fortounis. Olympiacos has quality and strength, scores two goals, and has a long way to go!

  • 32′ Great goal for Olympiaco! Kenny crossed, the ball rebounded, reached Fortunis and he doubled the score 2-0 with a beautiful shot.
  • 25′ Kostas Fortounis tried to score a direct goal from a corner kick taken by Kosilev

Dr.Vervelles: Another quick goal from Giorgos Masouras! Within a few days, he opened the scoring with Atromito, Zukaretsky and today with Lamia!

  • 17′ Great goal for Olympiaco! Fortounis received a cross, Masouras hit a stunning shot and the score was 1-0
  • 11′ A shot from Martinez went outside the goal
  • 11′ Once again Carlitos tries a beautiful shot from the corner
  • 10′ Very good individual effort from Carlitos and Paschalakis makes the save
  • 6′ A beautiful partnership between Fortuny and Bale, but the latter’s shot went wide of the goal
  • Many friends of Olympiacos in “G. Karaiskakis”
  • The beginning of the match

Dr.Vervelles: Good evening from me too. “3 on 3” is what Olympiacos wants in Karaiskakis and in this year’s tournament. Martinez’s lineup is expected, and with it the opportunity for Ortigas, who will play for the first time in the red and white shirt.

  • We remind you that after today’s competitions there will be a break for about two weeks on the occasion of the matches of the national teams
  • Spyridon Zambalas was appointed referee for the match, with Vassilios Nkoulakakis and Ioannis Karalis as assistants. The fourth referee is Stavros Tsiminteridis, while the video assistant referee will be Andreas Jamaris
  • Lamia Collection: Kosilev, Vasilanthonopoulos, Tzantopoulos, Palavecs, Saramanda, Stanko, Nunes, Tselloulis, Slivka, Martinez-Carlitos.
  • Debut for Ortega ‘stealing’ Rodney’s position, as Kenny will be moved to the right end of defence
  • Olympiacos lineup: Paschalakis, Kenny, Ritsos, Dowie, Ortega, Kamara, Essie, Masouras, Fortounis, Biel, El Kaabi
  • Lamia came from an important victory by defeating Aris 1-0 in the last round. A draw against Volos and a loss against Atromitos were the other two results this year
  • Olympiacos are unbeaten this year, with two wins in the league, three in Europe and a draw with Genk
  • Olympiacos wants to continue its victories in the tournament, as it welcomes Lamia to its stadium, against the backdrop of the third round of the Stocksiman Super League.
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