July 23, 2024

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Olympiacos, Terence Davies and Barzoukas

Olympiacos, Terence Davies and Barzoukas

The story of former Kings player Terence Davies and why Europe’s best coach doesn’t make an impressive move and calmly waits for the right moment to ‘strike’. Pantelis Diamantopoulos writes.

If there was a ranking of the most daisy-picking groups of reporters, the top spot this summer would probably be taken by those dealing with the Olympiacos basketball team. Calculated movements and some of them, while they seemed clear, suddenly became confused and ended up in the void.

To be honest, this period can be compared to some distant summers in which I also reported and with my colleagues at that time, there were times when we became better than investigators. Anyway, let’s get to the point of this text, in the end all teams (and in all sports) have every right to research, discuss, negotiate and ask what they want.

Top trainer

Europe’s leading coach, Giorgos Barzoukas, will have no problem continuing with the current coaches. This is evident from the lack of pressure he has against the world’s rush to acquire another player. If you want my opinion, I’m with the world. I think Olympiacos needs a goalscorer. A pure scorer, as was James, with whom discussions progressed, but the ending was not happy. It’s also a communication problem, don’t fool us.

In a summer in which Panathinaikos saw a transfer sweep, Olympiacos has announced a reduced number of players and is setting up a match against Vassilis Spanoulis. But I repeat, we are talking about a ready and organized team with the best coach. I write it twice in the same paragraph because the decision maker’s work is important to me. Bartzukas is not late, as many say. If he had made a dramatic move, he could have signed a player weeks ago. But the point is to get something that helps you.

And Davis

I continue. If you talk to someone who deals with doubles, they’ll tell you about Nunn, who, as long as the Olympian doesn’t have a team, is the perfect ‘marriage’ for transfer experts. However, in a race there is not always one person running. One cannot run. So: There is a player who has been “read” for several days in Piraeus.

Terence Davies (26 years old, height 1.93 m) climbs the list. A player who competes in positions 2 and 3 and tends to score. In 227 NBA regular season games from 2019-2023, Davis averaged 8 points, 2.7 rebounds and 1.3 assists. In the 2022-23 season, the American guard played in Sacramento, averaging 6.7 points, 2.2 rebounds and one assist in 64 games. Terence Davies was wanted by Barcelona once he ‘parted’ with Higgins and the Kevin Pander fiasco occurred.

The case did not proceed at that time, perhaps because Davis still wanted to bet on the NBA. He has no team and it is certain that at the port they collected information from Sacramento that a good channel had been opened due to Vezenkov. However, even he, in order to wear the Piraeus shirt, must convince the coach that he is able to serve the positions in which he plays and the team’s plan consistently and with team spirit.

the answer!

So the question, even here in Manila, for basketball fans everywhere is “Will Olympiacos get a player?” The answer – for now – is yes. Unless the cases ultimately all involve Mike James, which is difficult because this particular story was never easy. So, while Mike prepares with Monaco and Nan hesitates, Terence Davies raises his shares…

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