April 1, 2023

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OLYMPIACOS: The ultimate comparison of gladiators in the big OPAP Arena derby

AEK faces Olympiacos in the grand derby of the 26th round of the Stoiximan Super League, and Ilias Kalounas makes a final comparison between the two gladiators in the OPAP Arena.

The regular season of the Stoiximan Super League ends with a big derby. ON SUNDAY NIGHT (12/03, 19:00, COSMOTE SPORT 2HD, LIVE FROM SPORT24), Major AEK welcomes Olympiacos on Matchday 26, where both teams want to win more than anything for various reasons.

The federation wants the three points in order to enter the qualifying battle from the driver’s seat and at the same time send a message to the other contenders for the title that they are now ‘boss’. On the other hand, in the event of a victory, Olympiacos not only survives the championship, but also gains a lot of confidence in its continuation, as it will reduce the difference with yellow and black to three points and at the same time. She will make it clear that she will finish to the end.

Both the hosts and the red and white players have some questions about the starting line-up. Levi Garcia may have joined the squad, but he is likely to be saved before the playoffs, while Yan Imbila is injured and aims for the first round of the Mini League next Sunday (19/03). Two players who played a crucial role in both teams’ campaigns throughout the season.

AEK is the best team, and Olympiacos is promoted

But let’s go with her contribution Opta/Stats performance Let’s compare the two teams on the field. Thanks to the competitive consistency AEK has enjoyed since the start of the season unlike Olympiacos, which saw many changes in its performance in the first half, excels in almost all statistical categories.

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The ultimate comparison between AEK and Olympiakos

And it’s not just that they outperform their opponent, but they’re also the best team in the league overall. As can be seen from the graph, AEK excels in acquisition with 63% on average against 60% than erythroleukans, while also being better at threat (1.35 x goals per 90 minutes) And also in the defense sector, accept 0.39x goals per 90 minutes against 0.58 From the Mitchell Collection.

Accordingly, yellow and black created more chances in the league (54 vs. 44)while at the same time they got less than their opponent (14 vs. 24). It is worth noting that in the first part of the season, Olympiacos excelled in the great opportunities in front of it, as it received only 8 against 10 for the yellow and black. But the facts changed in one round with the federation To concede only 4 (!) In 12 games.

What is the racing philosophy that will find the winner?

On the contrary, the statistic that characterizes Olympiacos and shapes its competitive character is the possessions with more than 10 assists. There, the Mitchell players 14.3 possessions with more than 10 tickets per 90 minuteswhile AEK 10.2. It is clear and certain that Olympiacos They are a team that wants the ball at their feet and they know what to do with it.

Of course, at the same time, AEK is the team that receives the fewest possessions with 10+ assists than its opponents. especially, It accepts only 2 per 90 minutesWhile Olympiacos 5.8. So it will be very interesting to see which of the two playstyles will prevail. In the first-round match at J. Karaiskakis, Almeida’s ball triumphed, but now the facts are different, as Mitchell has also been working with his team for a longer period.

In addition, AEK may also stand out in actions in the corresponding region (30.8 vs. 22.7)but the potential absence of Levi Garcia – at least – from the starting line-up cannot be ruled out to influence him in this particular area, as the 25-year-old striker is the league’s leading player in this statistical category.

The derby is sure to provide us with many topics for discussion, as they are two of the best teams in the league that have footballers capable of making a difference with one action. Whatever the case, the league still has a long future.