May 21, 2024

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“Own targets”, the risk of stagnation and expulsion

“Own targets”, the risk of stagnation and expulsion

Mapping political affiliation across all polls shows that three basic assumptions converge: Government is run at high cost recording minor losses that do not endanger its political sovereignty, PASOK Somewhat too Takes second placeAt the same time with percentage strength not exceeding 15% limit SYRIZA is struggling This trend needs to be reversed and the second position which seems to be lost in most cases must be maintained.

According to the latest Pulse poll recorded in the European Elections vote estimate, based on the distribution of undecideds, New Democracy is in first place with a percentage of 35.5%, while SYRIZA and PASOK collect 14% of the same percentage. They are followed by KKE at 9%, Hellenic Solution at 8.5%, “Niki” at 4%, Spartans, Bluesy Eleftherias and New Left at 3%.

The question, then, is not only for government employees but for all party workers whether they can change this established image in the remaining three months till June 9.

To maintain and stabilize these percentages at the ballot box, the government strategy focuses on two main directions, the so-called “battle” of everyday life, along with the economy.

The government presents something to come Raising the minimum wageThe Dealing with precisionWith a continuous set of measures aimed at measurable results, such as cost reduction, A paradigm shift in the healthcare sector, For example, afternoon surgeries, Improves security Regular patrolling, recruitment to the Metropolitan Police and related activities Against school violence.

A visit to a supermarket by Kyriakos Mitsotakis, to learn the results of the announced measures, is characteristic of the importance Maximos Palace wants to attach to these issues, as well as the immediate increase in his reference. 20% of income over the past four years, while it does not rule out the possibility of new financial support for vulnerable people, noting any results closer to the Easter period.

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In the final phase before the European elections, the government will also present its plan population, which is estimated to include new support measures for families, especially those with three children and multiple children. With the government's emphasis on addressing the issue of population, which has already been identified as a key issue, it is clear that the proposal will be interpreted as a “relaxation” to legislate for equality. Marriage of same-sex couples, which even drew praise from the international media, led to turmoil at home and losses to the “right” for the new democracy.

What is the risk to the government? from Attitudes of arrogance, usually from “native targets”. Anna Michele Asimakopoulou's email to Greeks abroad reignites debates over the referendum and “pressures” the opposition to question the alleged violation of the electoral process. The Ministry of Interior denies any involvement, it is conducting an internal audit, while the intervention of the prosecutor in this matter is expected to close the matter or not, if conclusions are reached soon.

The question for SYRIZA is that it emerges from the interplay of forces, is different and takes on existential characteristics. The spate of intra-party disputes continues, highlighting the party's finances for the first time.

A public prosecutor's investigation was ordered by the head of the Athens First Instance Prosecutor's Office into the company owned by Stephanos Kassalakis in the United States to investigate possible violations of the law on location that prohibits party leaders from owning a company abroad. “Opens” a new inward cycle.

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The investigation will look into the company's alleged withdrawal of 250,000 euros given to the party by Stefanos Kassalakis in the form of a “loan” to pay workers on Christmas Eve. The development comes as Syriza sees its polls “struggle” between second and third place, with most gauges ranking the party behind PASOK and the Pulse poll recording a “tie” for the first time in a long time.

Accordingly, the question that emerges from the polls and Harilao Trikoubis is asked to answer is why PASOK can use almost nothing from SYRIZA's poll decline and the wear and tear of 5 years of new democratic rule. The stagnation of his percentages, but Nikos Androulakis, according to some, is a reflection of the confusion and his attempt to say “no to everything”, which is reflected in many of his positions.

Postal voting, afternoon surgeries, but non-government universitiesCharacteristic examples, with the issue of higher education, in fact, caused tensions within it for the first time as officials such as Odyssias Constantinopoulos and Nadia Gianakopoulou openly broke the party line.

In any case, it depends on the participation rate of citizens in European elections. According to Pulse, 95% of New Democracy voters have declared they will vote, compared to 91% of SYRIZA voters, while for PASOK, 76% of those who intend to vote are sure. Finally participate in the elections.