December 6, 2023

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Panagiotis and George Angelopoulos: “Papanikolaou’s move towards Bartzokas shows how close we are”

Panagiotis and George Angelopoulos: “Papanikolaou’s move towards Bartzokas shows how close we are”

Panagiotis and Giorgos Angelopoulos spoke to the ERT camera after Olympiacos’ Super Cup win, commenting on Kostas Papanikolaou’s move towards Giorgos Barzoukas when it came time for the award.

the Olympic He won his first title this season. By defeating Panathinaikos 75-51! Which pleased the team leaders in particular, as was clear from the first half, when They photographed the result on the light board.

Panayiotis And George Angelopoulos They talked about Olympiacos’ goals but also about his movement Papanikolaou to oust Giorgos Barzoukas Let him raise the title first!

Statements by Panagiotis and Giorgos Angelopoulos

He added: “Just as we finished last year, we will start this year with a much stronger Panathinaikos team, so the title has more value.”

On whether they were expecting the show: “I did not expect such a performance. The team was determined from the beginning. It has the same core and is strengthened in the positions of the players who left.”

Regarding the mentality after the beginning: “I think it was excellent. This is what we want, this is what we admire, and this is what we are proud of.”

Regarding Papanicolaou’s movement with Bartzuka: “It shows how much we are a team, how much the players believe in the role of the coach and how much they respect him. If there is no respect for the coach, there will be no team.”

Regarding season goals: “Let’s all be good, let’s achieve our goals. This does not mean that we will do the same thing this year. The team is giving everything, and we are doing everything too. The goal is titles, getting to the Final Four and getting what we think we deserve.”

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What they dedicate to him: “We dedicate it to the Olympiacos team, which was determined. Kostas and the players gave it to the coach, so let it stay there.”