July 14, 2024

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Panathinaikos: Necessary condition for summer sale!

Panathinaikos: Necessary condition for summer sale!

Panathinaikos is also said to be interested in Mija Zaits, another Slovenian international who plays in midfield!

Stoiximan Super League in your calendar!

the Panathinaikos Last summer she turned to her market Slovenia And I earned them sporarAnd Verbisch And ShereenTheir representative revealed that he had also recommended other players from the country.trilobite».

So it looks like one of them Micah ZeitzAnd Midfielder, 28 years old who also competes as a “10”, belongs to Fenerbahçe He remains free at the end of the season, with a market value of 5.5 million euros.

This season he has made 30 appearances with 4 goals and 4 assists in all competitions, while he is a player of known value, who will certainly have ease of adaptation – in the event of a transfer – due to the presence of three of his countrymen. In the organized.

Το who is

the Zeets He started his career from Interlockwhich he competed with 5 times, while in 2012 he went to the Olympia Ljubljana. There he made a total of 81 appearances with 20 goals and 13 assists. He also had a loan spell at I did well for about a year.

In 2017, he left his home country for the first time with embolization To give 2.3 million euros and bring him Italywhere he stayed until January 2019. In these two years he managed to play 68 times, score 12 goals and 19 assists and earn a transfer to FenerbahçeFor 3.5 million euros.

He has been with the Turkish national team since January 2019, playing 98 matches, scoring 17 goals and making 7 assists. In between there was also a loan to Genoaby Slovenian He played 33 times, scored 1 goal and made 3 assists.

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Finally, he is an international 38 times with Sloveniascoring 8 goals, while also passing all the younger age groups.

his stats

club Add. Goal assistant yellow ones red ones abortion Minutes included.
Fenerbahçe 98 17 7 11 5,590
NK Olimpija Ljubljana 81 20 13 11 6.205′
FC Empoli 68 12 19 7 1 3.782 ′
NK Celje 59 3 7 11 1 4.739 ′
Genoa CFC 33 1 3 4 1,978
NK Interblock Ljubljana 5 1 228
the total 344 53 49 45 2 22,522

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