June 13, 2024

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Panathinaikos players’ comrades in Bouqis – Newsbomb – News

Panathinaikos players’ comrades in Bouqis – Newsbomb – News

The ladies of Panathinaikos’ foreign players took it out and had fun… Greek style in a nightclub.

When the family has a good time, everything is better for every footballer. From this point of view, Panathinaikos’ foreign players are having a good time in Greece. Away from the field, their training sessions and their public appearances, this can also be seen in the joy of their people.

Especially their spouses/partners who followed them to our country. So the wives of several foreign players kicked out the “clover” on Friday night. Or better yet, Saturday morning. They enjoy their souls and show how much Greek women they have become.

Ladies from the Balkans, Iberia, Scandinavia and even Latin America became a group and they all sat together at the same table in the nightclub where Petros Yacofidis (a well-known supporter of Panathinaikos) and Lena Ziogara appear.

The evening’s entertainment for the ladies of the Panathinaikos football players included a flower fight, merriment, cheftitelli and of course Greek singing.

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