April 19, 2024

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Panic in Turkey over PGY Heracles (A472): “She didn't fly the Turkish flag”

Panic in Turkey over PGY Heracles (A472): “She didn't fly the Turkish flag”

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Izmir – Panic broke out Turkish social media and media Today, the ship of the Greek Navy, Hercules School (A-472)This led to a backlash on social media for not raising the Turkish flag during his visit Port of Smyrna In the context of NATO. The The Turkish Ministry of Defense has responded to this For truth Undoubtedly revealing to the Turkish people That they don't do that either.

Specifically We got a lot of reactions from Turkish citizens He noticed her Turkish flag missing from Greek warship He was tied up in Smyrna saying that Greece was mocking Turkey like this.

Photo: General

In response to public concerns, Turkish Defense Ministry officials clarified The arrival of the Greek ship happened as part of a NATO mission and it It is a practice not to raise the flag As he revealed, Turkey does the same when its warships visit Greece within the framework of NATO.

“They did not raise the Greek flag and our ships”, Turkish Defense Ministry sources told Turkish media.

Panic in Turkey over Herakles (A472) Airport:
Photo: Unknown X Sources – Multiple Sources

General Support Ship (GSV) IRACLES (A-472) is part of the Fleet “Lascaritis» A series of ships donated by the Lascaritis Foundation and a mission to provide logistical support to the Navy.

The ship recently assumed the role of Headquarters Ship of the Standing NATO Mine Countermeasures Group Two (SNMCMG2). We must also emphasize that flag hoisting is not mandatory when visiting a NATO country.

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