April 24, 2024

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There will be no re-election in the Municipality of Alexandria

There will be no re-election in the Municipality of Alexandria

The second phase of elections will not be held on April 7 Alexandria Municipality of Imadiya province, declared and Mayor O Panagiotis gyrinis.

And this, the 3rd Department of the Council of State annulled the decision of the three-member Administrative Court of First Instance of Veria, which led the composition “Mazi ButZOUME”. Prizes are KorgoudasAs a result, the case was not declared as a candidate by the court since last August Cannot participate in the municipal elections Last October (8.10. 2023).

It is worth recalling that according to the results of the elections in the municipality of Alexandria in the province of Imathia, Panagiotis Girinis (time of responsibility) received one percent. 79.73% and declared Mayor. However, Mr. Gyrinis after his conclusion Administrative Court of First Instance of Veria Appealed Co Demands quashing of the first instance decision.

Now, Division 3 of the CoE headed by the Vice President Diomedes Krilopoulos and State Councilor as rapporteur Vasilis AndrolakisMr. Granting Zirinis's application, it overturned the first instance decision that ruled that it was too. Late resignations Male candidates are considered to resolve the reservation violation between males and females.

At the same time, the State Counselors ruled that resignations submitted after the expiry of the prescribed deadline for making admissions are inadmissible and are not taken into account by the civil court while announcing admissions. They do not cure quota violations Men and women.

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