May 18, 2024

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Pasatiempo is not enough… | Blog – Nikos Papadogiannis

Pasatiempo is not enough… |  Blog – Nikos Papadogiannis

Nikos Papadogiannis believes Panathinaikos must face the harsh reality and create his own lasso.

To stumble – let alone hit – a person with limited abilities Panathinaikos The opponent who defeated him inside and out Olympic, should bring together many, if not all, of his players. It is not enough to have a passatimbou from one or two masters adorned with two beautiful nails of amustaco SamotorovTo dream about the future.

Indeed, the future will be delayed and will be delayed even more if the land on which Panathinaikos is trying to build its present remains barren. In its composition, every Greek remained first-class. And he seems to be wondering what exactly is going on here, when does the preparation of the national team begin …

So let me start with him and reflect on the team’s image, without implying that he is responsible for it himself. In the first 15 minutes of his participation, Captain George Papgiannis He ran up and down the field like the old green bus of the Syntagma-Piraeus line, gave his teammates dozens of screens and never once got the ball in his hands.

His stats in this half bordered on the invisible. Papagiannis had more passengers than a driver on this downward spiral 0 points, 0 shots, 1 rebound defensive, 1 offensive (1 scrambled) 0 assists, 0 steals, 0 blocks, 0 fouls scored and 1 personal foul. From the first stage of the game.

And when I said it couldn’t get any worse, Papagiannis (who knew that even tonight could not be replaced in the absence of Judites) conceded two unnecessary, unanswered fouls to the veteran nearly motieyounas In the post, with a score of 49-48. the Christos Cyrillis They were forced to bend over, as Panathinaikos was within striking distance.

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The dynamics of the match suddenly changed Monaco They broke away after 51-51, against a negative zone defense that had the clear goal of keeping the opposition out of the paint, but no way to keep a trio of talented scorers (James, Okubo, Lloyd) away from fire. the most bacon Deciding that he had done his homework after a five-minute warm-up and scored 10 points, the “green” surrendered to the Spirit at the start of the fourth period, starting with a score of 60-57.

I don’t know what kind of team people were hoping to build when they tried to cram some attacking players in with just a few defensive players, but naturally all of the aforementioned disappears in the context of a tough game. Especially when the professional identification card says: “Corps”.

instead of Panathinaikos To improve his players, he drags them one by one deeper into the abyss: quite the opposite of what happened in the decade Zeljko Obradovic. you see in Papajianiyou see in bacon That spirit and spirit had been gone for weeks, and I saw that clearly in him gregonesYou see it even inside williams and l Paris Ely, which finally gets lost half the times until it gets hotter.

“What I’ve noticed since coming to Greece is that my team seems competitive for three quarters and then the tension subsides,” he admitted. Thomas died After the game in Monaco. “In the Euroleague, you won’t beat anyone if you don’t play for 40 minutes, no matter how talented you are in the locker room.”

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How many will get out of this wreck alive? And where exactly will the motivation to right the boat be found by the end of the year? Perhaps in the opponent’s shirt, the same shirt that the Red Star will wear tomorrow: the old tried and tested recipe! For those who, after all, feel a tingle when they see the bright red color in front of them.

The next “eternal” derby, which arrives at full speed, is of no particular importance as far as (“luck” in Peristeri and Rhodes) Olympic He arrived at OAKA undefeated in his negativity, but at least he gives the organization something to look forward to, a date to circle with a green flag.

And in the event of victory, it is a springboard to amplify the imagination of the press lasso

If you want my humble opinion, which I highly doubt you do, Panathinaikos needs to fall into realism and create an opinion of its own. Pablo Laso, locking the coach and new players in the locker room for several times (not months, however). For radical reconstruction from the ground up.

The chosen one could be one of many highly capable Greeks who move around without attachment, and could be a xenopatis. trenchery Knowing the details and by no means diving into the sky, he himself can CerelisWho deserves to be more paratrooper than march. I’m not sure Panathinaikos in 2023 has the patience and sobriety for such bold moves.