April 18, 2024

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Pele: his last residence

Pele: his last residence

The “Nekropol Ecomenica Monument”, a 14-story cemetery, will be his final residence pelletwhich even overlooks Santos Stadium.

Three-time World Cup champion, who passed away on Thursday (29/12). After an unequal battle with cancerfrom the Albert Einstein Hospital in Sao Paulo to the Villa Belmero stadium on Monday (2/1), to perform the Hajj, according to the Daily Mail.

Στο Urban Caldera Stadium, την villa belmero, As is known, a shed was erected on the center line. Pele’s body will remain in good condition for 24 hours from 10am Monday to 10am Tuesday before he is moved to his final resting place. Tuesday.

The funeral will be attended by only his family members and will take place at the Necropol Ekomenica Memorial Cemetery. It is a 14-storey building, built in 1983, and has more than 14,000 graves. It has a tropical garden, a restaurant, and even a classic car museum.

Since July 2003, Pele has bought a space on the ninth floor of the aforementioned cemetery in honor of his father, who wore the number 9 shirt when he was a footballer.

“I chose it for its organization, cleanliness and facilities. It is a place that conveys spiritual peace and tranquility, where no one feels unhappy. It doesn’t even look like a cemetery,” Pele explained to A Tribuna at the time.

His 100-year-old mother suffers from dementia – she won’t be attending his funeral

Recall that Pele’s mother He lives and is 100 years old. Celeste was always by her son’s side through his huge career and then for the rest of his life. Indeed, on November 20, 2022, his mother turns 100 years old, with the legendary Brazilian then posting on Instagram with photos of her and a few words about his beloved mother.

The health of the elderly woman is not good because she suffers from dementia and therefore will not be able to To say goodbye to the past to her son. She still has someone by her side who takes care of her food and feeds her.

In fact, several Brazilian media reported that he had no contact with the environment and was bedridden. Recently, Brazil’s main news outlet, O’Globo, named her “Brazilian Mother of the Year”. Celent was the wife of João Ramos do Nascimento, better known as Dondinho. On July 29, 1939, the 16-year-old married the 26-year-old footballer.

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