July 14, 2024

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Peru: Video footage of plane crash into fire engine

Peru: Video footage of plane crash into fire engine

Two firefighters at his international airport file of Peru died when their fire truck crashed into his plane on Friday LATAM Airlines was about to depart.

The fire truck landed on the runway and found itself in the path of the plane. 120 passengers traveled in it. The country’s Ministry of Health said 20 passengers have been admitted to the hospital At least two will be in serious condition.

From the video incident A post on social media showed the plane colliding with a fire engine, then quickly burst into flames before coming to a stop. Lima Airport Partners, the company that manages Jorge Chavez International Airport, said operations at the facilities had been suspended. The Airbus A320neo was carrying 120 passengers and 6 crew members. “Our crews provide necessary care to all passengers in good condition,” the company said.


“Everyone in the departure hall was worried until the plane stopped and the fire engines and ambulances arrived,” he said. Mauro FerreiraOne Brazilian He was waiting to board the return flight PanamaThe videographer of the incident.

“It was a painful feeling because we didn’t know how many people were inside the plane and the flames were so high.” Fire Department Chief Luis Ponce La Jara said two firefighters were killed and one injured when the truck they were traveling in crashed. hit by an airplane. Both the plane and the fire truck were in motion when they collided.

Airplane LA2213 It was departing from Lima’s central airport to Juliaca, Peru.

Ladam Airlines said Condolences on the deaths of firefightersAnd it will provide flexibility to change the planes For affected passengers at no extra charge. However, he mentioned this He didn’t know why the fire truck was on the sidewalk.

“No emergency was reported on the flight. It was the plane he was on In favorable conditions for departurehad permission to depart and Met a truck on the runway And we don’t knowI made the truck there”It has been said Manuel Van OordIts general manager LATAM Airlines Peru. “We need to investigate and find out why he came there.”

The prosecutor’s office of Caiao, where the airport is located, said it had opened an investigation into the cause of the crash.

It was the second incident in less than a month involving LATAM Airlines, which was forced to make an emergency landing after the nose of one of its planes was damaged during severe storms.

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