April 24, 2024

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Porto 4-2 with the pen. (1-0): The calm in the penalty shootout gave the team an exciting qualification to the quarter-finals

Porto 4-2 with the pen.  (1-0): The calm in the penalty shootout gave the team an exciting qualification to the quarter-finals

Arsenal qualified for the quarter-finals of the Champions League after a thrilling victory over Porto on penalties 4-2 in London.

Arsenal was able to bend Porto's resistance with penalties 4-2, where Wendel and Galeno were the fate of the Portuguese. The English team qualified for the quarter-finals of the Champions League with a 1-0 win in 120 minutes thanks to a goal by Leandro Trossard to level the score in the first leg.

Penalty kicks

  • 1-0 from Edgard to Arsenal
  • 1-1 Pepe Aquino to Porto
  • 2-1 Havertz great for Arsenal
  • The ball hits the post and then Rhea delivers from Wendell's penalty kick
  • 3-1 Saka to Arsenal
  • 3-2 Porto from a great penalty kick by Grujic
  • 4-2 Rice to Arsenal
  • Raya saves Galino's effort and Arsenal takes the lead

The two teams lined up on the field without either of them being able to take control. Sergio Conceicao's tactical plan had its effect, as a result of which the “Dragon” fearlessly stepped onto the field and took the ball at their feet.

In fact, they were the ones who went close first with a long shot from Evanilson cleared by David Raya. The 41-year-old Pepe saved a certain goal from Kai Havertz shortly after, but he did not do so well in the 41st minute. A piece of magic from Martin Edgaard passed Leandro Trossard in the face of the Portuguese goalkeeper, and the Belgian was able to catch the goal to make the score 1-0.

The first part ended with some tension after difficult confrontations with the two protagonists, Declan Rice and Otavio, and the second part began with the knife being put in the teeth of the Londoners and the visitors giving up meters and the ball and just defending.

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The hosts threatened from free kicks, but without much chance, until the 68th minute, when Edgard shot the ball into an empty net, but the referee had already blown the whistle for an attacking error by Havertz.

Arsenal's pressure did not bear fruit, as both coaches began their changes in the 83rd minute (with the first, Gabriel Jesus, making four shots a minute later) and the match went into extra time.

Fatigue was evident in extra time and only the substitutes could make a run. The two teams were waiting for penalty kicks, as were the coaches. In the 30 minutes, there were only three finals and one on target for the Portuguese, and the solution was finally provided by a penalty shootout.

Wendell and Galeño failed to beat David Raya and Arsenal advanced to the quarter-finals for the first time since 2010 after seven exits in the round of 16, hoping to continue their run with the bottom five teams that eliminated Porto to reach the final.

  • ArsenalRaya, White, Saliba, Magallaes, Kefior (106' Zinchenko), Edgard, Rice, Jorginho (83' Jesus), Saka, Havertz, Trossard (106' Enkeitia).
  • PortoCosta, Mario (86' Sanchez), Pepe, Otavio, Wendel, Varela (90+7 Grujic), Nico (101' Eustaquio), Conceição (101' Borges), Pepe Aquino, Galino, Ivanilson (86' Taremi).

Round of 16 results

First matches

  • Copenhagen – Manchester City 1-3 (34' Mattsson, 11' De Bruyne, 45+1' Silva, 90+3' Foden)
  • Leipzig – Real 0-1 (49' death)
  • Paris – Real Sociedad 2-0 (58' Mbappe, 70' Barkola)
  • Lazio – Bayern 1-0 (69' Penalty kick. Immobile)
  • Inter – Atletico 1-0 (79' Arnautovic)
  • Eindhoven – Dortmund 1-1 (56' Penalty kick. De Jong – 24' Mullen)
  • Naples – Barcelona 1-1 (75' Osimhen / 60' Lewandowski)
  • Porto – Arsenal 1-0 (90+4' Galeno)
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Second matches

  • Real Sociedad – Paris 1-2 (89' Merino / 15', 56' Ibape)
  • Bayern – Lazio 3-0 (39', 66' Kane, 45+2' Miller)
  • Real – Leipzig 1-1 (65' Vinicius / 68' Urban)
  • Manchester City – Copenhagen 3-1 (5' Akanzi, 9' Alvarez, 45' + 3' Haaland / 29' Elyounoussi)
  • Barcelona – Naples 3-1 (15' Fermin, 17' Cancelo, 83' Lewandowski / 30' Rahmani)
  • Arsenal – Porto 4-2 pts, 1-0 ag., 1-0 ka. (41' Trossard)
  • 13/03 22:00 Atletico – Inter
  • 13/03 22:00 Dortmund – Eindhoven

* The draw for the quarter-finals, semi-finals and final will take place on March 15.