May 22, 2024

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“I leave Karditsa with a heavy heart.”

“I leave Karditsa with a heavy heart.”

Giannis Bourousis announced his decision to leave Karditsa.

Giannis Bourousis announced his departure from Karditsa during a press conference on Wednesday morning (3/13), in which he spoke about a difference in philosophy with the rest of the club’s management. the Borsis apologized to other ASK members and thanked Mr. Tsiamura for being the person who convinced him to deal with Karditsa.

“I want to say that I am leaving with a heavy heart. I will leave the team, but I will not leave Karditsa because it is my city. I started my journey to the team in 2014, always with the aim of helping my family. The city and of course its team Karditsa in basketball, because I somehow wanted to be close too.

As of 2021, I stopped my professional ability and decided to come and play in Karditsa. There was a stadium being built. I am not involved in politics and I know very well what happened with the floods, I was in the floods, but I must say that this man, Mr. Agorastos, did something good for our city and our sport. The team was born at this stadium, and they progressed together. So I decided to come and play and of course my ambitions were to get to A1 level, otherwise there would be no reason to come and compete.

So, as Giannis Bourousis, a basketball player, I was sure the team would go up, because – I'm not saying this selfishly – I was on the team. We all made it together. This effort is not John's effort, it is a group effort and everyone should be recognized.

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During the two and a half years I've been in the team, it's normal for there to be fights as well. In professional sports there are tensions and this is normal. There are tensions for and in the interest of the team.

During my presidency I did not have a 100% say in the sporting aspect. After January 3-4 I made the decision to leave the team. What I mean; He left the position of president and let Mr. Deligiannis run the team as he ran it, leaving him free to make the changes he wanted. My signature entered the contracts and I was responsible for the financial part. For me, it is very important that this team does not owe any euros. It may feel like I've jumped ship. What ship did you jump from? I decided, as did my friend Dimitris Giannakopoulos, whom I met in 2017. I am sorry, Mr. President, that I mentioned your name without informing you.

I decided that the team would continue with the decisions of the general manager and coach. I gave the green light and was in the back and monitoring developments. And I think I did a pretty good job. I backed down and when I was ready I put my proposals to the board. We had a very nice conversation, almost three hours after the match with Panathinaikos. Of course, in this quarter I watched the team and of course I want the team to remain in the first division. I'd be crazy if I didn't want to. You have uploaded it competitively and unprofitably. I have been a non-profit member of the team from 2014 until today.

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Since then, the team has won and is moving forward with the goal of remaining in the top flight. So we held council on Sunday, with little tension. We talked and after three hours I decided to leave the group because it did not cover me and did not inspire me to be myself. It is very logical that when agreements are not reached once, twice, or thrice, the fulfillment of time will come. I don't want there to be any heartache from anyone. Everything I do I do for the people of Karditsa and I must say thank you very much. What is happening in Karditsa you have never seen before, that's why come to the stadium, because today is there, tomorrow is not. This is what I said last year as well

It seems like we're a small community, and Borsis is here because he makes money. I look you in the eyes and my hands are clean. Giannis Borosis used the team fund 1,800 euros. The €1,200 was the restaurant I paid to take the old players to after the All-Star Game, and the other €600 was the expenses I paid as president last year, before the match with Ionikos, due to the back pain Mr Evans suffered and I borne it. “From Athens, to take him to Thessaloniki to try to hire an orthopedist to heal the player and be able to play in the very important match we played and for the team to remain in the first division.” Among other things, the veteran center said.

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