September 22, 2023

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Messi: The scary locker room speech before the Argentina final

Messi: The scary locker room speech before the Argentina final

Lionel Messi cheered his teammates ahead of the Copa America final with Brazil with a chilling speech revealed in a Netflix documentary.

The Argentina mastery America’s Cup From 2021, with Lionel Messi To celebrate his first men’s breaststroke title. For this to happen, he has contributed both on and off the field, as the undisputed leader of this team, as evidenced by the related Netflix documentary.

Sean eternos: Campeones de América follows the Albiceleste team’s journey to the cup and tables from Thursday. In it, various little-known aspects of this success are shed light on, and among other things, Messi’s famous speech to his teammates before the “Maracana” final against Brazil is shown in front of the camera.

The Argentina team has been quarantined for 45 days due to the pandemic and Messi reminded his teammates of everything they went through together during this time. Guido Rodriguez spoke about this speech last March, while Angel Di Maria talks about it in the documentary: “Before every match was shown, Messi spoke to us. But his last speech was different, he lost his mind.”

Messi’s speech

“We already know what’s going on in Argentina-Brazil. I don’t want to say anything tonight, just thank you guys. Thank you so much for these 45 days. I told you on my birthday too. We made a beautiful team and I enjoyed it so much, we’ve We traveled for 45 days, ate, locked ourselves in hotels, and went 45 days without seeing the families you guys.

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Debo (Emiliano Martinez) gave birth to a daughter and he couldn’t see her, he couldn’t hold her in his arms. Chino gave birth to a son and only saw him briefly. Why all this? for this moment. Because we have a goal and we are very close to achieving it.

And do you know who is the best? How everything depends on us. That’s why we’re going to go out on the field and raise this trophy. We will be back to Argentina to enjoy it with our family, friends and those who have always supported us.

And one last thing, and that’s where I’m going. There are no coincidences, guys. This tournament was supposed to take place in Argentina, but God wanted it to take place in Brazil so that we can beat it in the Maracana and it will be more beautiful for us.

So, step out onto the court with confidence and composure. We will take this cup home.”