May 22, 2024

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U19 Bayern Munich – Olympiacos U19, 1-3: The legend in Munich!

U19 Bayern Munich – Olympiacos U19, 1-3: The legend in Munich!

Olympiacos for the Euro Cup! Silidopoulos' team caused quite a stir in Munich too! It beat Bayern 3-1 and qualified for the “Final 4” of the European Youth League. Mozakitis, Papakanellos and Kostoulas scored the winning goals.

The ceaseless march of the “children” of Thrylos, Who beat Bayern Munich 3-1 and qualified for the semi-finals of the Champions League for the first time in its history, waiting to find out their opponent from the Copenhagen-Nantes duo.

A great result for Papakanellos and a goal for Mozakitis and X Kostolas. The final matches of the event will be held on April 19 and 22 (semi-finals on the 19th and final on the 22nd) at the Colovray Sports Center in Nyon, Switzerland. In the other semi-final, the qualified teams from Mainz-Porto and Milan-Real Madrid will compete (March 13 is the date on which these matches will be held).

Olympiacos started the match with Senna under the posts, at the back (based on UEFA's scheme) with Brikati, Tanoulis and Kostolas, in the middle with Alapakis, Mouzakitis, Pakula, Koutsougoulas and Pneumonidis – Papakanellos behind striker X Kostola.

Bayern started the match with Schmidt in goal, in defense with Sulzi, Manouba, Scholl and Henning, in the midfield with Zvonarek, Fernandes and Jensen, and in the attacking trio with Azno, Ramsak and Kosi Asare.

The absolute “dominant” and consistent in history with a difference of 0-3

Olympiacos showed a very good attacking temperament with… Good morning. In just the second minute, Neomonidis had a great chance with his shot. Following the efforts of Azno and Kosi Asare, Piraeus FC proved to be in absolute control on the pitch against Bayern.

The score was 0-1 after a mistake by the Bayern goalkeeper, who sent the ball to Mozakitis, who did not make a mistake in scoring the period and the goal. Olympiacos took the lead in the 32nd minute Then the action… Magic Papakanellos, who took possession of the ball, passed two opponents while close to the goal line and scored 0-2 with a shot. The score was 0-3 in the 40th minute.

Papis Kostolas in shooting position (reaching 5 goals in 6 matches) made it 0-3 with a very good shot. A result that also showed Piraeus' dynamism on the pitch.

Shortly before the end of the first part of the match, there was tension between the two teams, with coach Silaidopoulos being sent off.

Bayern Munich pressed and scored, but also the crossbar, but Olympiacos managed to press

Bayern Munich presented a better image than Olympiacos in the second half mainly in terms of the start. In the 63rd minute, the score was 1-3 for Bayern. Ramsack scored from close range after Senna interfered with an earlier shot. Shortly after, Zvonarek scored a goal from close range, and Bayern generally pressed after that.

But Senna was there with important interventions and Olympiacos tied 1-3 until the end to secure a historic and huge qualification to the semi-finals of the UEFA Youth League (for the first time ever).

Bayern Munich: Schmidt, Solzi, Manuba, Scholl, Henning, Zvonarek, Fernandes, Jensen, Azno (47' Letsina), Ramsack (47' Asiko), Kosi-Asari.

Olympic: Cena, Perikatis, Tanoulis, Kostolas, Alafkis (90' Christou), Mozakitis, Bakolas, Koutsougoulas, Pneumonidis (67' Liatskouras), Papakanellos (79' Damas) and X. Kostolas (90' Gatopoulos).

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