March 29, 2023

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PS5 in Greece – We asked PlayStation if there was a shortage again

the Playstation 5 And the PlayStation 5 digital version debuted in November 2020 amid the pandemic. The massive supply chain problems that emerged around the world and especially chip shortages meant that Sony could not produce as many systems and ship them to stores as necessary to meet demand. The icing on the cake was the massive public interest that compounded the seriousness of the matter.

We’ve now entered a new era in the console’s lifecycle, as Sony itself has launched its new “Live From PS5” marketing campaign. But is there a possibility that there will be a shortage again?

The Unboxholics team recently traveled to Madrid, where PlayStation opened its new European offices. In this context, we had the opportunity to speak with Cristina Infante, Senior Marketing Manager, Sony Interactive Entertainment Spain and ask her some questions that are probably of interest to many gamers in the country. One of them relates exactly to this very important issue: PlayStation 5 availability and what exactly will happen from now on with the stock situation in Greek stores.

Below are relevant excerpts from the interview. with a tick wide Unboxholics questions.

Let’s talk about the case of PS stock5 in Greece, where we finally saw a huge improvement in console availability in the country. Is it safe to assume that all the problems that plagued consumers in the first couple of years are now a thing of the past? they have solved in full the from problems Most;

Yes, and we’re really celebrating that fact, with our relaunch campaign.

Since when PS5 first released in 2020, community players She was very passionate and devoted to games This demand has not stopped growing. At the same time, we have also faced many challenges around the world, since the global chip shortage crisis Along with this huge demand.

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But now we’re in the best position ever to introduce more consoles. So now consumers can easily find the console in stores and we’re very happy with that.

So there won’t be any more problems in the future?


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