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Riot with 38-year-old man in Rafina: The 15-year-old was filming him at the time…

Riot with 38-year-old man in Rafina: The 15-year-old was filming him at the time…

A Intestinal crisis – disorder And the 38-year-old noted that the 15-year-old girl’s emergency medical check-up was the reason why the underage girl approached Rafina. Officials from the Rafina security department and intelligence officials were called to investigate the rationale.

There was no abduction, but instead, the minor voluntarily getting into the 38-year-old’s car, according to the video content, and no crime against sexual decency. The 38-year-old feared she would be humiliated by posting the video of the embarrassing private moment on social media and approached the boy to “negotiate” him to remove the material.

The minor girl got into his car, not knowing it was the one he had booked earlier, and the 38-year-old was apparently startled when she heard his mobile phone. According to police sources, she apparently invented the complaint to justify to her parents that she got into the car of an unknown man.

Yesterday, the 38-year-old appeared to have convinced investigators and prosecutors while apologizing, and he was released without restrictions not to approach, cross or contact the 15-year-old and her relatives.

“Immediate need has arisen”

In her apology, the 38-year-old says she was looking for a tool to repair her son’s children’s toy in Rafina on October 19 at noon. He looked for it in Nia Makri, where he lives, but the shops were closed, as were those in Rafina. “… I started back to Nia Makri by the back road passing through Kokino Limanaki. I notice that since the previous afternoon I had already suffered from an intestinal crisis, probably due to some virus or some food poisoning. There were no other symptoms beyond a very sudden and severe diarrhoea. .

So, on my way back, when I was driving my car on Democratic Avenue, I again felt a strong discomfort and pain in my abdomen and felt the need to act immediately. The need to act was sudden and intense, and I automatically slowed down in search of an immediate solution. Unfortunately there are no cafes or shops of any kind at this point as it is a purely residential area, with houses and fenced plots with little vegetation so I ask to use the toilet. With no other option, I decided to settle somewhere on the side of the road. “I parked my car on the street and went to a secluded place nearby to relieve myself (so I wouldn’t be a nuisance to passers-by),” he elaborated in his apology.

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“I was in this bad state”

The 38-year-old, believing no one was watching him, had his back to the road when he felt the 15-year-old walking behind him.

Being in this awkward position, as he describes it, he noticed that the 15-year-old boy understood his presence and his awkward situation.

“… to my great surprise I found her She held her cell phone in her hands and held it out to me as if taking pictures or video, giving me the impression that she was smiling. Not only did she understand what I was doing, but she videotaped it on her cell phone, with unknown intentions (perhaps sharing it with others, posting it on social media, broadcasting it live. These things humiliated me in this very uncomfortable – albeit private moment – ​​in a public place. takes place as a solution to the need)

Without saying a word, to calm myself from the panic the thought had first caused me, I hurriedly and hastily grabbed my clothes and rushed to my car. I’m sure someone videotaped me in this predicament.” says the 38-year-old in his apology.

“I decided to find the girl”

The 38-year-old initially decided to leave, apologizing, but the thought that the video might spread online led him to find her and beg her to delete it.

“… I saw her walking down the street and parked my car beside and to her left. I opened the passenger window and politely asked her where she was going. She replied that she was going to “EKO” (where the gas station is located). End of Democratic Avenue, from where we were. about 1-1.5 kilometers) and When I asked if she wanted me to take her there, she said yes and got into my car by herself.. To be fair, I was surprised by how easily he opened the door and got into my car. She also fastened her seat belt and then I started. Obviously I wanted to introduce myself politely and explain directly why I should talk to her, That means asking her to delete the video. However, the urgency with which she opened the door and climbed into the passenger seat surprised me. So, when I calculated that the conversation I wanted would happen with me, she stopped inside my car, she got into the car and I started towards EKO,” says the 38-year-old.

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“I tried to take her cell phone”

38 years old he asked In his apology note, he said, The 15-year-old replied in the affirmative if he took the video “in bad shape”. He politely asked her, she says, to remove the item and He stopped the car trying to force her. He admits to being irritated and persistently tried to take the mobile phone that was clutched in her hands.

The 15-year-old, according to her report, began to scream, she was out of her mind and could not be heard. He says it all happened in a matter of seconds without the woman being threatened or violent, while the speed with which he dressed and got into the car left his pants unbuttoned, the only “adjustment” to his outfit. .

“I informed my wife about the incident.”

According to the apology note, the 38-year-old says he told his wife what happened when he got home, that there might be video of it, and wondered what she would do if it went online. Society saw.

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Riot with 38-year-old in Rafina: 15-year-old was filming... diarrhea - she got into a car alone

His regret, he argues, was actually due Such a video of his worst moment will humiliate him and dreaded his possible mockery.

The 38-year-old points out that his family, career, social status and union activism will be shaken by a video, and he himself will become an object of ridicule with incalculable consequences.

“… I fell from the clouds when I was searched by the police officers and a complaint of such importance was registered against me that I am ashamed to even think, much less the crime committed against a minor girl. (I learned her age later, she was definitely an adult, about 20 years old. (I believed that) as I said, I mentioned the facts from the first moment before the pre-trial authorities,” he says characteristically in his apology.

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He says the videos collected by the police highlight the defamation against him. From this it appears that the defendant never got out of the car and did not force her, although the 15-year-old girl mentioned five times in her statement. In the video, the driver’s door remains closed and the driver does not get out, instead, a 15-year-old girl gets in alone without any violent coercion and fastens her seat belt.

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