December 8, 2023

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Roula Pispirigou: Kougias returns as his lawyer

Roula Pispirigou: Kougias returns as his lawyer

The trial of Rula Bisbrigo, who is on trial over the death of her first daughter Georgina, will continue tomorrow with Alexis Googgia in the defense bench.

Mr. who accepted his reappointment by the respondent. The statements of Gooya and his partner were submitted to the court. They, however, in their written statements requested to adjourn the hearing till tomorrow citing various obstacles, Mr. Koogias court and his partner’s dental health problem.

The court adjourned the case to tomorrow on the request of the appointed counsel of the accused who sought further time to examine the evidence of the bans being genuine.

The hearing was adjourned to tomorrow

The President informed the defendant that if presented in court tomorrow, the defendants’ evidence would be examined, otherwise, his testimony would begin and he could exercise his right to remain silent if he so desired.

Earlier, Raula Bisbrigo requested the return of Alexis Gougia to the defense bench, canceling the appointment of two of the three court-appointed lawyers after his lawyer resigned, so the trial could continue.

“At this point I would like to dismiss 2 of the 3 lawyers because Mr. Gougias will return with his partner,” Roula Pispirigou explained to the judges.

“They didn’t contact me in any way, they weren’t informed about the filing. My sister contacted Mr. Kouya and we asked him if he would return to the case and he said yes,” said defendant Alexis Kouya, justifying his decision to recall Kouya.

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