November 30, 2023

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Split among youth SYRIZA – 11 members of the Central Council support Kassalakis

Split among youth SYRIZA – 11 members of the Central Council support Kassalakis

11 members of the Central Youth Council take a stand against yesterday’s announcement by the SYRIZA youth group.

The eleven central members of SYRIZA Youth underlined that “the unity of SYRIZA-PS must be preserved like never before” and they said “at such a time, it is unacceptable to act as part of the problem, provoking public controversy. “.

“Continuous public positions by our executives on channels that do not express political dissent but are directed at employees”

Also, they support the decision of Stefanos Kasselakis, as they say, the announcement of the SYRIZA youth “implicitly calls into question the legitimacy of the president who leads the SYRIZA-PS”, and threatens, according to them, ” to accept the center, as a whole, about the future of our place and the way our institution is positioned in public. It sets an impossible precedent.”

It is noteworthy that a total of 50 members participate in SYRIZA, the central youth organization.

“Last month’s film did not honor anyone,” say 11 Syriza youth executives

11 SYRIZA Youth Executives speech in detail:

“At a time when the Mitsotakis government is relentless in its mission to destroy Greece, SYRIZA-PS’ intraparty problems are becoming a reality and serving as a permanent distraction in the public sphere.

The presidential election ended with a turnout of 150,000 members, showing that after the double electoral defeat, there is still a glimmer of hope that our party will return to prominence in the near future. Government.

Last month’s picture didn’t honor anyone.

The public stances of our executives on channels, which do not express political differences, but on a personal level, only serve the ND narrative against the newly elected president, further weakening our position.

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In response to the referral of comrades Vitsa, Skourletis and Fili to the relevant organizations due to their public positions, we object to the announcement published on the main page of SYRIZA Youth on Facebook for the following reasons:

1. At a moment like this, we consider it unacceptable to act as part of the problem, to provoke public controversy, to contribute to the continued inward movement of space.

2. Before the meeting of the decision-making committee of SYRIZA Youth, the announcement of this gravity cannot be made without recording the opinions of its members.

3. The simplistic use of expressions like “undemocratic and authoritarian practices” is particularly problematic in the context of initiating procedures provided for by law.

4. Implicitly questioning the legitimacy of the president to lead SYRIZA-PS threatens, at its core, the future of our place as a whole and sets an unacceptable precedent for the way our organization is publicly positioned.

The unity of SYRIZA-PS must be preserved like never before. The people who trusted us in the last elections should feel that we are representing them and supporting them in these difficult times. The Greek people need a sustainable plan for a just society, to describe it and implement it. That is our mission; Not fighting each other. Let’s rise to the occasion.”

Signed by:

Athanasios Donis

Spyros Gondis

Antonis Malachis

Angelique Beloni

Christos Planis

Alexandros Myrisis

Panagiota tsi

Konstantinos Panagiotopoulos

Alkistis Patrikounakou

Phoebus Siglias

Petros Christakopoulos