December 5, 2023

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Rumor: Sony is preparing a more powerful PS5 Pro and it will be released soon

Rumor: Sony is preparing a more powerful PS5 Pro and it will be released soon

The well-known journalist Tom Henderson, who in recent months has brought to the public a lot of information that has since been confirmed, set the “fire” today on social media with his His new report for Insider Gaming. Going into details, the medium cites anonymous sources and claims that Sony is currently preparing the PS5 Prowhich has Initial release date is late 2024.

According to the publication, Sony is simultaneously planning a new base PS5 model, without upgrading the technical specifications, which will however have a removable disc reader. New PS5 is expected to be released Later in 2023 And Sony’s goal is to reduce the manufacturing and shipping costs of the existing PS5 (both physical and digital), which will stop selling after this new model is introduced.

One media source indicates that the PS5 is with the removable drive “It will be just the beginning of the new hardware that PlayStation will release for this generation.”

The PS5 with the removable drive has been confirmed as not the PS5 Pro. These are two different models under development. For the PS5 Pro in particular, there’s still plenty of information out there about exactly what will change, but a newly discovered patent from PlayStation architect Mark Cerny hints at that. Sony wants to improve ray tracing performance in games, among other things. So, as happened with the PS4 Pro in the previous generation, The performance jump is expected to be noticeable.

In conclusion, this Insider Gaming article doesn’t stop there, revealing the next generation from Sony, ie PlayStation 6 (PS6) is unlikely to be released before 2028.

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Of course, although we are talking about a fairly reliable reporter, the company has not made any official announcement yet, so we suggest that you take the above information with a grain of salt.

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