November 29, 2022

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She is 68 years old and has grandchildren and got pregnant – her children forced her to have an abortion and they didn’t talk to her

An old woman already has childrenbut also Grandsonsstayed for the third time, pregnant In her life at the age of 68, she faced a strong backlash in her family after her son and daughter blackmailed her. miscarriagewhile they stopped talking to her.

The Tian Shengu where is he Now 70 years old and live with him Huang Weiping’s 71-year-old husband in Shandong Province, ChinaI knew she was going to be a mother again three years ago, according to what she reported

However, she herself was shocked by this fact He didn’t think for a moment about dropping itHe considered it a “gift from heaven”. “Why would I want another baby at this age? But what happened and the test results were positive, so We considered it a gift from heaven‘ he said distinctively.

However, problems immediately started in her family since then Her 40-year-old children threatened to ‘cut her life’, in case he makes them a new little brother. When my kids found out I was pregnant They both hope that I will miscarry. My daughter even said that she would sever her relationship with me if I went through a pregnancy,” Tian Shenghuo said.

In fact, Stop talking to her until she was born By c-section on October 25, 2019 A little girl named Tianshiwhere In Mandarin it means “sent from heaven” or “gift from heaven.”.

Since then, her two children have grown up They accepted the new member of the family They communicate with their mother again. “Everyone loves her so much“We are a happy family,” said the 70-year-old. I don’t want to hear what others say».

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