June 25, 2024

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Soti Triantafelo: The class hatred of the left does not fit into the new political world

Soti Triantafelo: The class hatred of the left does not fit into the new political world

Our country today is in a different “world” than it was in 1981 and 2015. However, class hatred reverberates in left-wing statements about taxes, and the exhortation of “Eat the Rich!”. But the motive for class revenge has been defeated, and we do not live in the era of “robin of the forest”, as the party of liberals asserts. author Sotis Triantaphyllou comments on the public discourse of the left.

He talks about economic and class analytics Ha Leave can lead to brutal politics, explaining why Mitsotakis would avoid the “certain winner” syndrome, while for far right And fanatical Christians consider that the entry of those who represent religious totalitarianism into parliament is a natural result of the movement of the new democracy from the popular, Christian, or even monarchical right, to a space of the European center.

The rise of the far right is due to our poor education, he says. the “angry” They are the product of low education. Radicalism, right and left, is a disease of immature people.

Interview with Giorgos Fintikakis.

Do you remember any other time in the pre-election period when such a tax disaster occurred? Such rivalry between opposition parties is not about who will cut taxes but who will impose the strictest taxes? How do you explain it?

The issue of taxation is fundamental for all societies and especially for European societies that want to reduce inequality. A solution must therefore be found for tax evasion and tax evasion: some steps have been taken everywhere and in Europe we do not notice phenomena like those in the United States and the so-called Third World …

The progressive tax imposed in Europe is, of course, correct, but the factors that facilitate entrepreneurship and investment on the one hand, as well as the symbolic participation of all citizens in public revenues with the logic of “each according to his means.” The left is pushing for higher taxes on the social strata that are the engine of the economy – as if to punish them and without considering the impact on growth.

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Besides, her definition of “middle class” is completely absurd: do you seriously think that a person with an annual income of 5,000 euros is a member of the “middle class”? That is, anyone who has an income, say 50,000 a year, is he a terrible exploiter of the poor and sucking the blood of the proletariat? The left’s economic and class analyzes are so brutal that they can lead to brutal politics.

In short, the progressive tax yes, absolutely. But with realistic measures and with a parallel housing of the public, with good priorities… Taxes are levied not out of class revenge, but with a view to a painless redistribution to whoever pays the most.

WHAT HAPPENED TO LEFT (PASOK-SYRIZA) GREECE Ms. Triantafilou? Don’t you realize that when a female citizen hears the word “tax” she feels fear and that her behavior strengthens Mitsotakis and ND’s goal of self-reliance?

In general, left-wing statements about taxation echo class hatred, the exhortation of “Eat the rich!”. But the matter is of a completely different nature: proportional redistribution, discreet taxation at progressive rates, beneficial to the whole of society, and does not mean “take from the rich and give to the poor.” We do not live in the age of Robin Hood.

The tax is not alms to the poor, it is a contribution to a fund through which enterprises, infrastructure, services and various benefits that are necessary for everyone are paid. However, in Greece, since taxes often slip into a black hole, we have every reason to fear that the state will treat us like children again.

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If we gradually find that taxes improve our lives, we will be more willing to give up a small portion of our income for the greater good. In general, a fair tax program combined with the promotion of confidence – a “serious” government and a country friendly to citizens – should be the criterion for voting in the ruling party

Do you think they did not understand the message of the ballot box on May 21? Are they ignorant that society has progressed or cannot articulate another reason?

I think the left in all its guises – KKE, SYRIZA, the collegiate school – has such a different value system that it makes dialogue impossible. The left never receives “messages”: it is driven by voluntarism due to a legal understanding of history. The sky will turn red. If you disagree, you are either being brainwashed, have a personal anti-people agenda, or both. We cannot discuss on this basis.

Finally, would you say that in Greece we are experiencing the Big Bang of creating an entirely new political “world”?

It’s too early to say anything like that. However, as I often repeat, despite the setbacks, our country today is a different “world” than it was in, say, 1981 or even 2015.

Is Mitsotakis at risk of ‘sure winner’ syndrome?

He is in danger because, like all leaders, he is surrounded by his friends. However, I think he had the intelligence and the moral integrity to avoid the victor’s trap and to become, as he ought to be, the Prime Minister of all Greeks.

Is the far right the elephant in the Greek election room?

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Today’s far right is the rather old folk right: Christian zealots, nationalists, “family men” who feel threatened by the modern world. I cannot imagine a society without such political and social margins. What we need to be careful about is not creating far-right activist groups that violate the constitution and laws. At the moment, the entry into parliament of those who represent religious totalitarianism seems to me a natural consequence of the movement of the new democracy from the populist, Christian or even pro-monarchist right, to a region in the European centre.

Who planted the soil for the emergence and prosperity of extreme right-wing formations that were previously on the margins of society and the political scene?

Our bad education. That we do not properly accompany childhood and adolescence with simple democratic principles without extremism and prejudices between left and right. The so-called “angers”, and the “angry” everywhere, are products of low education. Resentment is easy and inexpensive: trying to improve your life and the lives of others requires a value system and a certain degree of mental strength and poise.

I believe that our political culture does not help young people to live life accepting its risks and internal contradictions. The far-right formations are similar to the far-left in that they do not tolerate differences, and above all because they are based on a perception of the world that arises from deep inner unhappiness. Radicalism, right and left, is a disease of immature people. Indeed, in Greece – as in France – we have somewhat exaggerated marginal politics: fascist anarchists, conspiracy theorists, intolerant conservatives and so on. I attribute this to wrong education.