June 19, 2024

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Student food poisoning in Lamia: Hair, maggots and… feathers in school lunches

Student food poisoning in Lamia: Hair, maggots and… feathers in school lunches

Shocking pictures of 63 children poisoned in midday meals served to Lamia school students have surfaced.

According to MEGA, which published the related photos, hair, maggots and even…feathers were found in the collected areas.

It is recalled that food was produced in the factory of the Giannitsi company, which was completely destroyed by a sudden fire.

In fact, yesterday (20/05), Staphylococcus was detected in samples of school food, as detected by the Regional Public Health Laboratory of EODY.

Hairs, worms and…feathers

In a photo document provided by MEGA, following a complaint from a parent, a portion of the food prepared and served to students by the institution can be seen containing worms.

In another photo, an apple can be seen rotting in one of the ready-to-eat packages.

Another photo shows a steamed burger, and another shows a portion of a chicken wing.

“The first picture was an apple. So it was given to the child. Six months ago. It was rotten, a rotten apple that was put inside for a child to eat,” the complaining father told Megha.

Parents of students had complained about school lunch in the past

A mother of a food poisoning victim, speaking to Megha, said, “We are not satisfied on many levels. I did not like the taste of the food, and the children had failures in their diet. There was ice on the burger. Its quality is cooked, not fresh meat. A caterpillar found in cauliflower, some bits sticking out of the bags. It was a complete disappointment even with the quality of the packaging as you cannot put hot food in plastic packaging.”

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According to Dionysis Vorisis, president of the parents’ association of the 11th elementary school of Lamia, many students threw away the food because of its condition.

Counsel’s inquiry

Supreme Court lawyer Georgia Adelini has demanded an immediate investigation into the causes of the fire at a food factory in Lamia, allegedly linked to the mass poisoning of students.

In her order, Mrs. Adelini calls for an “investigation into the causes of the fire that completely destroyed the factory in the industrial area of ​​Lamia, which led to the specific factory school lunches. Hospital primary school students, due to mass food poisoning”.

As it became known at the time of yesterday’s fire, the factory was involved in school lunches, which took dozens of elementary school students to the hospital.