June 26, 2024

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Who is “Escobar of Crete”?

Who is “Escobar of Crete”?

Cretan “Escobar”, who had been released from prison following a major drug conviction and was in critical health, died at noon on Saturday.

According to Cretan media, his funeral took place on Sunday, May 19, 2024, in a village in the vast area of ​​Messara, while the guard and his son were also detained. Took a short leave and attended.

More to the point, reports suggest that the funeral procession was not held in a closed circle and was attended by a large number of people.

A drug case from the Netherlands

About a year ago, a 49-year-old Gretan was arrested along with his young son and a 40-year-old woman for allegedly importing cocaine from the Netherlands to Greece and Crete through a transport company. with an intermediate station at Attica.

In his statement to the Heraklion investigator, the 49-year-old said his son had nothing to do with the case. However, it was decided to remand the three arrested.

Apart from the 51-year-old, police also arrested his wife, their minor nephew and “Escobar’s” elderly father.

Deceased was released from prison in June 2023 as he sought parole due to widespread cancer.

The specific case will be heard on May 30 at the Court of Appeal of Eastern Crete after being adjourned in April.

Nicknamed “Escobar of Crete”.

“Escobar of Crete” has been known to authorities for years.

The case to give him the nickname “Escobar of Crete” took place at the end of September 2016, the officers of the Organized Crime Prosecution Department, together with their colleagues from the drug case of Heraklion, discovered. She was buried – after … digging for a long time – 60cm deep, in a field in the municipality of Cortina, with more than 3kg of cocaine, allegedly packed in an airtight bowl.

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It is also worth noting that the bowls also contained rice so that even sniffer dogs could not detect the drug in the dishwashing liquid kept. Apart from the 50-year-old man, police also arrested his wife, their then-minor son and “Escobar’s” elderly father.

Cigars, gold chains and Rolex – Escobar’s life of luxury in Crete

The biggest cocaine wholesaler in Crete (according to EL.AS’s characterization) spent his time on his leisure trips in Greece and abroad, always with expensive cigars and delicious food. Gold chains, Rolex are must-have accessories along with the photos she posts at regular intervals from her vacations.

The 51-year-old couldn’t resist the luxury life. He often shared his private moments in expensive hotels, lavish breakfasts by the pool and meals in expensive restaurants.

But he used many of them as “de-annealing”. Police estimated that some of these photographs, though aged, were deliberately released at the time to mislead those following his…

Medellin, Colombia, commonly known as Escobar’s hometown, was also created by his son’s profile on social media as the birthplace of the minor and his birth.