June 25, 2024

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Sunday for the European elections puts pressure on the 12 signs

Sunday for the European elections puts pressure on the 12 signs

On the eve of the European elections, it comes with a pressing and restrictive astrological aspect, forcing us to act on logic and define ourselves, but also the situations around us.

The Sun moves into Gemini, forming an unfavorable square aspect with Saturn from Pisces (19th), and the influence of this astrological aspect is felt for Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius, Pisces of the 2nd Decan as well as for those with personality. Nearby planets are in the sixth degree of the signs mentioned above.

How does the square of the Sun and Saturn affect us?

  • We feel low energy levels, and extremely tired from the problems and stress we have received
  • We cannot act spontaneously, comfortably, on the other hand, self-control has its advantages.
  • There are obstacles, obstacles, and difficult circumstances that force us at this time to organize to face a difficult situation!
  • A mood of loneliness and isolation prevails.
  • We act on the basis of logic, provide explanations, define positions, and follow the “necessity”!

What should each sign with a Sun-Saturn square look for?

Aries: Stay away from people who you know have no pure intentions towards you! You bear the burden of responsibility for work issues that are difficult to resolve quickly.

Taurus: You are limited because financial resources are not enough and you feel trapped, because you cannot do everything you want. Get frustrated with friendly faces!

Twin: You feel tired, either for a physical reason, or because your professional load has weighed heavily on you. Ideal days to organize goals. Beware of marriage problems!

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cancer: You see everything as black, and you stay away from people who don’t have the same ideology. You are tired enough to realize ambitious plans or studies or to advance documents and agreements, you are temporarily frustrated!

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Leo: You feel that when you reach the source of desire fulfillment, there is something that pulls you back and keeps you wanting. Disappointment from not fulfilling a wish, or from a financial matter burdening you!

Bakr: Follow the rules of logic in your relationships and stay away from people with whom you do not have common ground! Marriage is in crisis!

Balance: Your daily life has tired you out. You feel like you are running over everyone and everything and that you are under pressure from everywhere! Relax tones and take more care of yourself! Some unpleasant business news to disappoint you!

the scorpion: You control your emotions and set some boundaries, perhaps because you realize that you cannot exaggerate and exaggerate situations. You’re icing on love right now.

Sagittarius: Emotional isolation comes these days, perhaps because you realize that the relationship has crossed the boundaries you set or desired. An emotional, personal, or family problem puts you in unpleasant thoughts.

Capricorn: The work is not “sliding” as you would like and this is stressing you out or you do not see the “light” on the horizon. Do not be discouraged, avoid negative thoughts, and remember that this period favors getting rid of bad habits, following a good diet and exercise!

Aquarius: What you have is not enough for you and you are limiting yourself. This makes you lose your smile for a while and not have fun! Emotional and financial insecurity are the main feature of this aspect.

Pisces: You feel pressured from everywhere… Your responsibilities are many and this makes you feel a strong psychological burden, while the feeling of obligation is very certain and this does not allow you to be yourself freely!

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