July 22, 2024

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Superman vision cell phones are coming which will be able to see beyond obstacles

Superman vision cell phones are coming which will be able to see beyond obstacles

with Publishing A research group in the journal “IEEE” presents a chip that can be integrated into mobile phones, giving them the ability to see. According to the researchers, mobile phones equipped with this technology will be able to see what is behind walls or other obstacles and display it on their screen to inform their owners of the latest developments.

The chip, which is still in the experimental phase, consists of an array of three pixel sensors that emit and receive high-frequency radio signals in the millimeter-wavelength (mmWave) frequency range of the electromagnetic spectrum. The signals reflected from the target object are then amplified and processed by the chip allowing the outline of the object to be displayed on the screen.


In the tests conducted, the chip was able to detect an object behind the cardboard. It took 15 years of work and a 100 million-fold improvement in pixel efficiency to make the chip small enough to fit in a mobile device, the researchers said in a statement. In the future, smartphones equipped with the chip may be able to detect the contents of envelopes or packages, or be used to find nails, wires or cracked pipes behind walls.

“We designed the chip without lenses or optical equipment so that it can be placed in a portable device. The pixels, which create images by detecting signals reflected from a target object, are formed on A square shape measuring 0.5 mm, approximately the size of a grain of sand.

The researchers say that in addition to allowing people to peer through walls and interior folders, the new imaging technology may find applications in medicine and healthcare. It is of course understood that this technology will also provide the potential for malicious use for illegal surveillance and information acquisition.

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