December 4, 2022

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This horror game has stunned social media with how realistic it looks (video)

Just a few days ago We informed you An unknown indie game that I made Widelybecause it uses a special perspective, like the action cameras often carried by Adsense players or police officers in the United States.

Now, another “body cam” game has started to be discussed intensely on social media. It’s about extension Paranormal tales, a horror experience based on found footage, where players experience the harrowing stories of people who are missing. The remarkable thing is that even though the title is only being developed by two people, it manages to look terribly realistic.

This is due to its camera, which instead of being on top of the character, as in Call of Duty for example, is placed in the center of the body, with appropriate color and image distortion effects, to make the end result look as much as possible with GoPro camera shots.

As you can see from the next player, the result is not only realistic, but also very frightening. Thus, the developers themselves warn and at the same time challenge the players if they can afford to watch all the footage of Paranormal Tales.

The viral video of the horror game Paranormal Tales:

Paranormal Tales is expected to be released in November 2023 for PC via Steam. If you’d like to put it on your “radar”, you can add it to your wishlist through the link below…if you dare!

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