November 28, 2023

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SYRIZA: Everything points to the “6+6” exit

Impossible The symbiosis of his “6+6” group is now visible Efis Ahtsioglou with SYRIZA’S NEW LEADERSHIPWith Nasos Iliopoulos pointing to the exit door, it follows from his words that the team must leave and cannot live in “mud”.

At noon, hundreds of executives and members of SYRIZA-PS gathered next to Ahtsioglou, Iliopoulos, Haritsis group. Discuss and decide the next day He finds them inside or outside the party.

like that, There is no room for coexistence With SYRIZA’s new leadership, it seems likely that the “6+6” will follow a trend outside the party, with developments expected in the coming days.

From the crowd it seems that the majority wants it Move forward Even if the number of 10 MPs is not sufficient to constitute a parliamentary committee.

Youth Syriza of Thessaloniki leaves

At the same time, young people seem to be turning on her Again Inside New leadershipAfter a meeting with Thessaloniki Youth Syriza, he announced his departure from the party.

“One of the first moves of the new leadership was the appointment of new people to responsible positions and the announcement of removal from social media, completely ignoring the party’s institutions and collective practices. An unmediated relationship between the leader and the people by sidelining representative bodies is not the highest form of democracy, but a key feature of dangerous populism.They mention.

“It was outstanding In the new president’s speech he proposed a referendum on removal. His speech was ke divisive, A history of humiliation And this species Confirms the authoritarian operating model of space and new leadership, where only one point of view prevails, expressed by the president,” says Thessaloniki Youth SYRIZA.

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“We are not ready to give up In the final mutation of the party our existence is the alibi and we leave the party for which we worked and were at the vanguard of dynamics and governance. Left”, they conclude.