November 28, 2023

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Lamia: Worst traffic accident on Ring Road

Lamia: Worst traffic accident on Ring Road

Two youths from Lamia were seriously injured in a vehicular accident on New Regional Road in Lamia.

On Sunday before 11:00 p.m., the accident took place on the major curve of the new ring road (at the height of the stables), when the Saxo driver lost control on the curve due to excessive speed and the car overturned. Ended up in roadside bars.

As a result of the diversion, two friends, a 37-year-old driver and a 28-year-old passenger, were trapped in the overturned car, and it took the intervention of EKAV’s firefighters and rescue workers. Car.

According to a report by LamiaReport, both were rescued with serious injuries, although their lives appear to be in danger.

Police officers from the Department of Transport, Immediate Action and Lamia, men from the 7th EMAK, firefighters from Lamia and rescuers from EKAV were on the scene and they took the injured to the General Hospital of Lamia.

Watch the video from the location:

Also see photos from the accident scene.

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