May 28, 2024

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Tempe: 19-year-old survivor files lawsuit over tragedy – Newsbomb – News

Tempe: 19-year-old survivor files lawsuit over tragedy – Newsbomb – News

A 19-year-old has dreamshas Poor psychological condition And seeking justice for the 57 victims of the tragedy Tempeh.

her First case against anyone responsible And Against political figures One of them testified through his lawyer wounded of A terrible accident in Tempe.

The Star said in a statement, The complaint testified 19 year old student A person got out of the burning second car alive Intercity 62. The 19-year-old was hospitalized and is now struggling to stand. According to the report, A 19-year-old has dreamshas Poor psychological condition He also seeks justice for the 57 victims of the tragedy.

In fact, he is asking whoever is responsible for it to pay Fatal accident In Tempe: officials, workers, politicians, those in “key” positions and those who made decisions about infrastructure, staffing, and equipment maintenance.

Yesterday his lawyers went to the Athens District Attorney’s office and filed charges against all those responsible. The aim is not revenge, as they say, to “shed light” on a case that shocked the whole of Greece.

The case and the entire file will be sent to the Appellate Investigator, who will examine everything and decide whether to send the file to Parliament.

What the OSE Inspector and contracted Station Master will testify to

The OSE Inspector And this Two Evening Station Masters He appeared before the inquest on Friday, March 18 A terrible accident in Tempe.

The Inspector He was called to answer for the reason he was there Only 59 years old Station Master on shift Alone and The second station master was asked why he left earlier And who corrected her Shift time.

The inspector was given a deadline of March 30 to apologise Both station masters apologize Next Friday Tragedy in Tempe. “We will say everything, but now we must remain silent and show respect to those who are suffering from grief and tragedy”He said OSE Inspector Departs from Court of Larissa. In fact, in their testimony, according to MEGA, they are expected to support their own version Lucky night On February 28, 57 people died in a horrific train collision.

Inspector’s Testimony on Tragedy in Tempe

“Intercity will pass at 22:10, I have appointed three station masters. I was never informed about intercity delay. The pre-arrested station master is a transferable public servant, he is not a pad servant. He is equal to all, he has the same responsibilities in terms of regulation and responsibilities.He had completed his training and was certified by others.

Like the pre-arrested station master, his shift ends at 07:00 a.m., so the other two station masters have to stay till 23:00 p.m.

What the contracted station master will support

On the other hand, “a 25-year-old contract station master declares that he is shocked and is expected to argue: “I worked eight hours and left the station at 22:15. I mean, I stayed an extra quarter. My superiors had told me that I would work for eight hours and that I was not entitled to overtime. I have been working since 1/2/2023 and all this month I leave the station at 22:15 and take the train to Volos, as my superior told me. When I left the station everything was in order, nothing was pending.”

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