May 18, 2024

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Tempy: “The system at OSE is more rotten than you think

Tempy: “The system at OSE is more rotten than you think

The former station master of Volos, Giorgos Apostoleris, commented on the dramatic situation at OSE, saying that the railway system had rotted “a lot more than you think” during the tragedy at Tempi.

Speaking to Nikos Evaggelatos on the LIVE NEWS programme, Mr. Apostolaris analyzed the dramatic situation prevailing in the OSE, as revelations about the tragic accident in Tempe on February 28 were endless.

In the beginning, Mr. Apostolaris mentions the driver of the passenger train who persistently asked the station master if he had taken the right course and tried to communicate with the driver of the commercial train when he sensed something was wrong. With the line he was.

“This man didn’t expect the train to come to him, so he didn’t contact new resources. “Maybe he was worried because Larisa didn’t respond, because he’s on another level of the planet, but he wasn’t worried that a train was coming towards him,” said the former station master of Volos.

Indeed, if the two trains had collided inside the Tempe tunnel, he explained, the tragedy in Tempe would have been greater, adding, “The great luck was that they did not collide in the tunnel for a minute. There was no way anyone could have been saved.”

“The system is more rotten than you think”

Asked by Nikos Evagelatos how rotten the system is in the railways, Mr. Apostolaris replied. “More Than You Think” And he added of Tempy, “The inspector decided he should be there, maybe on an emergency basis.

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(…) The load in Larissa was not great, it was a stroke failure that created congestion and ended up with multiple strokes. Any Station Master with 59 years of tenure would have solved the problems in a jiffy. Obviously, something didn’t work.”

“Eligibility and OSE do not go together”

Among other things, the former station master of Volos confirmed that the family members of the supervisor who requested and received 30-day sick leave after the accident at Tempi were hired at OSE last year.

“Obviously in Greece, the customer relationship is also very widespread in the railways. (…) Family members of the supervisor are assigned to the OSE. The hatred is unbelievable in me, I don’t care, I don’t care about it.

Why did Parliament allow this mess for human landlords? This is a phenomenon of the past one year,” Mr. Apostolaris emphasized.

«Some became station masters with stripes. (…) I am waiting for the financial solicitor to come and make the wagon of discoveries. Maybe it’s not enough for him, maybe six-axles to reach him,” added the former station master of Volos.

But recruiting isn’t the only conflict at OSE. According to him, “assistance” by supervisors to station masters was also a daily occurrence and included shifts at stations away from home so that the latter could earn more money.

“There is no equality, no democracy in this matter. Merit and OSE don’t click, they’re wagons on different lines».