July 14, 2024

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The former emperor Constantine was buried next to his ancestors in Tatou

The former emperor Constantine was buried next to his ancestors in Tatou

He was taken to his last residence shortly before 4:00 p.m Former king Constantine. The He was buried next to the graves of his ancestors. Earlier, Trisagion was celebrated in the cemetery of the Church of the Revival.

(AP Photo/Thanasis Stavrakis)

He arrived after 15:00 ThatA motorcade carrying his body, under tight security Former king At his last residence.

A large number of people were waiting for the motorcade at the entrance of Tatoi Gardens.

Three sons of the late King ConstantinePaul, Nicholas and Philip, His grandchildren also carried his coffin from where it was parked Motorcade at Tatoi to the Church of the Resurrection.

Once the coffin was placed inside the church, the former king’s family covered the coffin with their coat of arms and put back his emblem. Wreath-offering by his wife Anna Maria.

(Michalis Karagiannis/Urokinisi)

The line for the exits in Athens Metro ended after 1:30 p.m.

After that, the body of the former emperor Constantine, followed by his family and his guests, made its final journey from the metropolis.

Earlier, A touching funeral was performed by Constantine’s son Pavlos: «As it happens to every Greek family when they lose something precious, you will always live on in our thoughts and hearts“, he noted in quotation marks, then talked about moments in his life, including his Olympic gold medal win in 1960 and his influence in capturing the Olympic Games from Athens in 2004.

The former king’s eldest son immediately read the funeral rites in English His mother, Anna-Maria, was moved by what he had to say. As the body left the temple, the gathering sang the National Anthem.

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The Greek government was represented by its Vice President Panagiotis Bikramenos and Culture Minister Lina Mendoni. From the Royal Houses of Europe, they participated on behalf of Great Britain. Princess Anne is the sister of King Charles and daughter of the late Queen Elizabeth.

Among the reigning kings, King Felipe attended with his wife Queen LetitiaThe Queen Mother and sister of the late King Constantine, Sofia, her husband Juan Carlos, and her sister Irene, as well as Princesses Elena and Cristina, daughters of Juan Carlos and Sofia.

from Denmark, Queen Margaret of Denmark, her son and Crown Prince Frederik and Princess Benedict (sister of Queen Anne-Maria of Denmark) attended. Her king was also present SwedenCharles Gustav and Queen Silvia, from Norway, Prince Haakon and his wife Princess Mette Marin.

from LuxembourgThe Grand Duke was Henry. And so is her king Netherlands, with Willem Alexander, his wife, Maxima, and the Queen Mother, Princess Beatrix. On behalf of the House of Belgium, King Philippe and his wife Queen Mathilde attended, and from Monaco, Prince Albert.

from SerbiaFormer kings Catherine and Alexander, from RussiaFrom Maria Vladimirovna and finally Romania Former Prince Radu.