July 18, 2024

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The historic agreement registered presidential candidates in Colombia

The historic agreement registered presidential candidates in Colombia

Bogotá.- Colombia’s presidential candidate for the historic agreement Gustavo Petro and Vice Presidential formula Francia Márquez today filed their candidacy for the presidency in the National Citizenship Register.

Along with Pedro and Marquez were hundreds of sympathizers, relatives and members of the current and new bench of that left-wing coalition in the Republican Congress.

“It simply came to our notice then. We would like to celebrate our President Gustavo Pedro Urrego on May 29th.

And, of course, we have for the first time a woman who represents regions, territories, voices historically excluded and oppressed. This task is not easy, but it is not impossible, ”said Francia Marquez.

The agreement’s presidential candidates point out that this is the first day of a campaign that promises to truly change Colombia’s history.

The leader of the coalition, which unites alternative, progressive and left-wing forces in Colombia, stressed that “we are not here to keep things intact.”

During the event, France gave Pedro the Guadua pen (a plant belonging to the bamboo family) to sign the nomination as a symbol of the commitment of the presidential election campaign and to write the government of the country’s most marginalized communities. New History of Colombia.

“We provide this on behalf of victims, children, youth, community leaders, workers, women of diversity, LGBTIQ + people, Afro-descendants, the people of Riesel and Balencro, nature and big houses. Pen

So together, we can write a new history for Colombia, “said the Vice Presidential candidate.

Pedro announced that the possession would be signed with the same pen if it reached Gaza de Narino.

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“This‘ pen ’of Guadalupe, the symbol of knowledge, is undoubtedly the symbol of knowledge, the symbol of life, the symbol of peace, the distance between the gun and the‘ pen ’, the symbol of change in Colombia.

After this action, Pedro and France began the first round of the presidential election campaign, where they hoped to get the votes needed for a strong election, and according to their followers, a second round was not needed.

Elections will be held on May 29, in which the country’s president and vice president will be elected for the period 2022-2026.

The winning formula must be obtained with half of the total valid votes, otherwise a second round will be held on June 19, 2022 between the two candidates with the most votes, and the winner will rule for four terms. Years without entitlement to re-election.