May 18, 2024

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The key to transferring roasted alfalfa lingers for four months

The key to transferring roasted alfalfa lingers for four months

Panathinaikos is willing to make a financial overrun for Lingr that would be the equivalent of what it did for Sporar, with conditions now better for the Czech transfer than they were in January, but without this making an easy acquisition.

Each transform state always has many parameters, until all the “boxes” are in place and the signatures fall out. Because only then is something not only considered, but also “closed”. Countless examples in the past…

Panathinaikos wants to “run” the transfer moves this year and complete its three “basic” moves by mid-June, or at worst before leaving for Austria (25/6) and the main stage of preparations.

This was also mentioned by the owner of “Alfalfa” football club, Yannis Alafouzos, in the interview he gave 11 days ago, adding that the planning and transfer had begun months ago, and indeed since last January.

In this context, the case of Audrey Lenger is also included, who had Panathinaikos in his first selections of ‘8’ and ’10’ and never left his goal, despite a ‘no’ to Slavia Prague in the previous transfer window and a decision / selection that does not weaken the Czech national team. Even more to their list, in their own battle with Sparta Prague for the Czech First League.

The Greens updated their searches at the time, but it was a given that they would return for the 24-year-old Czech international, who had been eyed by Ivan Jovanovic from the very first moment. And he… has examined him better (almost) than anyone else, since he met him on his way last August in the third qualifying round of the European Conference League. Although in those matches Lingr played through the striker, because Slavia is out of all his main options in the ‘9’.

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The given “back” of Panathinaikos (away from the audience’s eyes) is noted alongside the player and his reps, as the “quiet” but also effective “roasted” greens begin. for their summer return to the affair.

The “alfalfa” folks to the Lingr team have broken down the entire project not only for the team, but also the plan that they have to use as a key piece in the club’s efforts to get back to the top and generally return to the “normal” cubes of

A plan that seems to have “developed” the side of the player, who sees very positively the prospect of his move to Greece as a first step abroad and stability in the Czech national team.

It’s not easy in May

As “cliché” as all this sounds, it is not easy to “bake” a player or see such a move in all positive favor in May, before the transfer market “opens”. Nor … any market, but the Czech market, which has teams with a very stable presence in European cups in recent years, and has filled the Central and Western European championships (Germany, Holland, Belgium, France) with players.

Panathinaikos maintained very stable contact with the Linger team, and this can be seen in the player’s decision to reject Slavia’s proposal to extend his contract, which expires in the summer of 2024, as reported by Sport 24 a few days ago and confirmed by the Czech media. On Friday (26/5).

Slavia are now forced to discuss Lingr’s proposals in more logical terms, which was also “photographed” by the statements of their coach Gidrich Trpisovski after the last league match, in which he essentially “opened” … the door to the sale of the 24-year-old Czech attacking midfielder years.

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In order not to be lost as a “free agent” after January 1, 2024, as happened last January with Olaginka, who chose the excellent offer that Red Star gave him, and as of July 1, he moved to Belgrade.

The Czech League ends tonight (27/5) and Panathinaikos now begins negotiations for Linger. In January, the prices heard by the Czech side reached 6 million euros. Now (they will be) a little less, with the “greens” in the mood to make a big lead – at prices … Sporar – to find a point and formula for an agreement with Slavia.

Negotiations have just begun, but this time the circumstances are more fruitful for Panathinaikos, in order to get off to a (really, very) good start with the Czechs in part of their reinforcements…