February 27, 2024

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The landscape is fluid, but heralds choices

The landscape is fluid, but heralds choices

The The Tragedy of Tempe It did not cause a decline in the political scene. According to all polls published so far since the crash, the parties are “tied” in the popular vote charts. However, the percentages are not the same. If Tempi doesn’t break, six years of immovable ice on the surface of the frozen lake means ND has a stable chance of forming a self-sufficient government.

So if the people’s anger is maintained with the same ferocity until the elections and the results of this order are delivered, the formation of the government will be a painful birth.

Yesterday’s MRB poll for OPEN put ND at 27.4%, SYRIZA at 24.5% and PASOK at 9%. The difference between the first two is 2.9%, and with reduction it reaches 3.2%. But the two percentages differ within the margin of statistical error, according to pollsters.

In the second published poll, Prorata for Attica, the difference narrowed to 2.5%, with the two parties receiving 28.5% and 26%. PASOK remained firm at 9.5%.

Yes is typical ND loses an important measure of self-sufficiency (now and forever) But SYRIZA and PASOK do not get disgruntled. The percentage of anti-establishment parties increases slightly, and the gray area of ​​undecided votes increases sharply. Obviously, the votes away from ND belong to the anti-Syriza front.

If the Supreme Court bans it from contesting the election, Syriza will receive only one percent from the Kasidiaris party. Perhaps because the official opposition still maintains anti-establishment sentiments. Thus, according to MRB, 6.2% of Kasidiaris’ supporters will vote for Syriza, while only 1.9% will vote for ND. One might expect the opposite since they must move in the wider frames of exact space.

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The assessment of the individual skills of the captains is also interesting. Mitsotakis is still rated as the most suitable prime minister by 33.8% of respondents compared to Alexis Tsipras at 28.8%. Nevertheless, SYRIZA with Tsipras can do better than ND with Mitsotakis (25.6% and 21.5%) in public confidence (20.2% for Tsipras and 17.4% for Mitsotakis).

Even in unemployment, although there is an impressive reduction by ND, the predominance of Mitsotakis and ND is very low (24.5% vs. 24.1%) and almost equal.

The Examinations The movement of this critical percentage and the electoral outcome can be resilient. They don’t seem rational. They clearly function under the thymus state, but they. It is not certain whether they will be changed and resolved by election day.

Tsipras reiterated at yesterday’s MEGA that he will not form a government of losers. Except for “ethical reasons,” he admitted, the beans didn’t come out. But, as long as it has precedent, it will form a “progressive government”. Androlakis will therefore be sought after by both parties. But while it has been revealed that he will not form a government with Prime Ministers Mitsotakis and Tsipras, his terms remain in question.

At the same time, Syriza’s leader left open to Tempi the possibility of setting up a commission of inquiry (he’s fine with avoiding it in 2015), while promising to renegotiate with the Italian company. He sold 800 million to implement investments.

Referring to his responsibilities, he argued that “he does not fight with responsibility” and that he has taken on Mathi’s political responsibility. Of course, nothing of the sort happened. He was mocking the world by pretending not to know that terrible night. After some time he verbally accepted the responsibility. But still Political responsibility is resignationAnd mere verbal supposition is painless plays.

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After all, Toskas didn’t resign for the eye, then by order, and Nikos Pappas would be a candidate for irretrievably dereliction of duty. Political ethics…

It creates implications of the truth that undermined the trial of Supreme Court lawyer Isidoros Togiakos and will fuel debates. He indirectly invited him to resign because his son Mr. transferred to the office of Karamanlis. As he ordered the investigation by appeals investigators to be conducted at a higher level, he failed to recognize Togiakos’ oversight and targeted the child. Further investigation, the results of which will be made public.

We are in this fluid landscape. Certain things are shaken, and safe conclusions cannot be drawn. The political future is an unknown place.