April 18, 2024

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When will train services resume – all safety measures

When will train services resume – all safety measures

In notifications about reboots Railroads After Tragic accident in TempeGiorgos Gerapetridis, Minister of State responsible for Transport, continued.

The Minister announced that these routes will be gradually resumed in the first 5 phases March 22, when the first suburban routes start, confirming the related ethnos.gr report. her April 1st It will start First of all Itinerary Happens with Athens – Thessaloniki train.

Additionally, Mr. Geropdetridis announced the safety measures for the reopening of the railway, and noted how it would look, among other things. Police infrastructure security Inside Important points of the network.

On March 22, it was proposed to restart:

  • Piraeus Suburb – Athens – SKA – Airport
  • Suburban Kansas – Leosia
  • Suburban train Athens – Oinai – Chalkida
  • Thessaloniki – Florina
  • Thessaloniki – Drama
  • Alexandroupolis – Shanti
  • Alexandroupolis – Ormenio
  • Gado Achaia – Patras
  • Patras – Rio
  • Diagofto – Kalavrita
  • Olympia – Pyrgos – Katakolo
  • Volos – Milis
  • Idomeni and Promachona from Thessaloniki (1 or 2 pairs)
  • Freight Triazio – Thessaloniki (1 or 2 pairs)

March 27

  • Suburban Athens – Acharnon Railway Center – Corinth – Gyado – Agios

April 1st

  • Intercity Athens – Thessaloniki (1 morning pair)
  • Thessaloniki – Larissa suburban train
  • Palaeophorsalos – Kalambaka
  • Larissa – Volos
  • Lamia – stylita

April 6 – Addition (after assessing conditions):

  • Intercity Athens – Thessaloniki (1 or 2 pairs per day)
  • Freight Triazio – Thessaloniki (1 or 2 pairs per day)

April 11 – Addition (after assessing conditions):

  • Other ways

At least until the final delivery of the works Technical upgrade of the networkThe following security measures will be used in addition:

  • 5 stations closed (boarding – only operational for alighting).
  • Staff at open stations with 2 station masters.
  • Reduction of speed on signalless sections to 80 km and 100 km for suburban/freight and passenger trains respectively.
  • All suburban trains are staffed with 2 drivers
  • Staff of Suburban Trains with 1 Assistant.
  • 2 staff present today compared to 3 intercity Athens – Thessaloniki assistants.
  • Internal audit service at OSE and Hellenic Rail.

Problem solving methods

  • Phased installation by Hellenic Rail Recorder at Trains capable of recording cabin communications between drivers and OSE transport staff (Station Masters, Traffic Controllers and Remote Controllers).
  • Creation Technical Assistance Center For purpose Exchange of technical information between Train drivers and Technical basis For immediate technical solution Problems during the train.
  • Passenger service at its important stations Railway network (especially Athens, Larissa, Thessaloniki, Leanokladi).

Human resource management

  • Expedited completion of staff recruitment OSE Based on the pending 2022 planning.
  • to Speed ​​reasonsfrom an existing one The 2022 notification will also cover the 2023 recruitment plan For critical areas Maintenance, signalling, remote control and electric propulsionAnd Technical staff.
  • Stay of employees with service card.
  • Exploring the possibility of renewing contracts with Level Crossing Guard staff.
  • Re-evaluation of training and re-training of key personnel.
  • Implementation of psychological support for critical personnel OSE And Hellenic train By expert Medical staff.
  • Infrastructure upgrade and monitoring
  • Strict adherence to completion schedules of main axis signaling and remote control projects.
  • Immediate tender notification for demolition and maintenance of tunnels.
  • Activity in a very short period of time GSM-R system on rolling stock for all employee communications on its rail network OSEMakes the VHF system secondary.
  • Policing of infrastructure at critical points of the network.
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regulatory interventions

  • Update the routing Regulation of Public Transport.
  • Criminal enhancement of crimes Theft and embezzlement of railway goods.
  • Inclusion in support activities for their families Deaths in train accidents in a decade.

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