March 29, 2023

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Tempi: Crisis time for Gerasimos struggling in ICU

GN in critical condition in ICU. Gerasimos Georgiadis, a Voliotis student at Larisa, AUTH, was injured after being hit by a train in Tempe.

Voliotis student at AUTH, Gerasimos Iasonas Georgiadis, is having a tough time in the ICU of Larissa General Hospital. The young student traveled in the fatal “first car” of the murderous train in Tempe, from which no passenger was saved, but he was miraculously saved.

Gerasimos, 22, was thrown from a window after the two trains collided head-on at Tempi, narrowly escaping the explosion and subsequent fire.

However, according to, the impact on the ground caused severe head injuries, for which doctors have so far undergone two surgeries. His parents and relatives have been by his side for 13 days.

His condition is critical

The young man’s uncle emphasizes that unfortunately there is no positive development in the boy’s health and thanks the hundreds of people who show their support in every way to the young student’s relatives.

“Unfortunately, we have nothing new than the development of Gerasimos course. His health continues to be critical and he is still out of danger. We hope to announce something happy to you soon. For now, please express the family’s gratitude for the support we receive from every corner of the earth. We thank you for your interest.” Gerasimos’ uncle mentions.

He never returned to university

The student was traveling on the Athens-Thessaloniki train. Three days later, he boarded from Larissa station with the intention of returning to Thessaloniki, the city where he studies mechanical engineering at Aristotle University.

Unfortunately for him, being in the first carriage where none of the passengers escaped, he was thrown from the train by the collision, but fell hard to the ground.

On the second day of his hospitalization in the ICU, relatives of 22-year-old Gerasimos Isonas said, among other things:

“He was one of the first to be taken to the Larissa hospital. He was found in some fields outside the train, thrown from the collision at the height of the first car. His condition is very critical. He underwent two operations. The first operation the first night and the second operation the next day. He suffered severe brain damage. The injury is there and the next few hours are crucial. He also has chest injuries but the doctors are concerned about the injuries and the pressure on his head.”

The titanic efforts of Drs

The young man underwent immediate surgery on his first night in the hospital to relieve intracranial pressure.

The operation was repeated the next day, however, the severe craniocerebral injuries suffered by the student due to severe injuries did not allow to create conditions for improvement.

After being hospitalized for nearly 14 days, doctors are waging a daily titanic struggle to stabilize his body to survive the danger, but, as of now, this goal has not been achieved.

The young man also has a secondary fracture in his tibia, however, doctors will not allow surgery unless his body is stabilized first.

What will happen to him even if he escapes the danger? His doctors are tentative: they cannot make predictions because progress is uncertain.

Also, the issue of sensitivity to external stimuli has not been investigated – as they say – they have not yet tried to take him out of trance to investigate any neurological issues.

However, the doctors and nurses in the intensive care unit have made it their personal business to save the boy and are doing everything humanly possible and impossible for his speedy recovery.

“My Great Struggle with Your Doctors to Succeed”

According to, the young student is receiving love and support on his Facebook account, wishing him to emerge healthy from this difficult battle.

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