April 18, 2024

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The medal is mine alone and I promise you the six meter jump

The medal is mine alone and I promise you the six meter jump

Emmanuel Karalis spoke to SPORT24 after winning the silver medal at the European Indoor Championships and promised that he would become the first Greek to cross the six metres, while stressing that he dedicates this success to himself.

Emmanuel Karalis had the best moment of his sporting career in Istanbul on Sunday afternoon (5/3), with a best jump of 5.80 as he won the silver medal at the European Indoor Championships final.

Greek hero spoke to Sports 24 for his great achievement, declaring that he had dedicated this medal to himself. At the same time, he also made a promise: that he would become the first Greek to cross six metres.

“It’s a family matter for me to win my first medal at the men’s level. I didn’t realize what I had achieved. I will realize that with time. It’s something I fought for. I fought so hard for it.”

My father and I have been through such a difficult time. We’ve heard a lot of bad things. That my father is not a good coach, that a father cannot train with his son, but we have proven that he can not only train, but also become one of the best players in the world.

Mr. Bosaski is an unsung hero in this effort. He took over my training.” He said at the beginning Emmanuel Karales, who believed a lot in this medal at the European Championships in Istanbul.

As he predicted after the qualifiers, the final match will be a derby: “In the big races I give 110% of what I have. There was a derby today. Yes, I got it at 5.85m. And I have higher jumps. I can get gold too if I avoid small technical mistakes. It doesn’t matter. This medal is very important to me for sentimental reasons.” .

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Because, like I said, we had a really tough time last year. I dedicate it to me. It is mine and mine alone, because I succeeded and overcame all the difficulties that arose. Of course with the help of my coach and dad.”

The father of 23-year-old Greek runner Haris Karalis stood next to his son as he spoke to Sport 24 and whispered excitedly, almost frowning.: “It’s you, my child.”

Manolo continued: “I fulfilled one promise and the next thing I promise is that I will become the first Greek athlete to jump 6 meters.”

The European pole vault silver medalist also pointed to the fact that the judges were unable to coordinate and communicate with the athletes about the start of their efforts: “I don’t know what happened. The judges couldn’t agree with each other.

I also spoke on behalf of my fellow athletes in their own efforts. This can’t happen in a big race. Fortunately, I don’t get distracted by anything in the races. Even if there are explosions, I don’t lose my focus.”