April 1, 2023

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The new Playstation 5 Limited Edition LeBron James is incredibly beautiful


PS5 Lebron
Sony Entertainment

Sony, in cooperation with the “king”, has published the new limited edition PlayStation 5, which features the royal crown.

a few days ago Sony It had announced its cooperation with many athletes as well as people of leisure and entertainment for the purpose of advertising its products. The biggest name on this list was, of course, Him LeBron Jamestheir star Lakers And recently the number one scorer in the history of the NBA.

Bring this new collaboration especially is configured Play Station 5 With the sayings said by the “king” from time to time, but also many colorful crowns, either on the PS5 boards, or on the beautiful console.

PS5 LeBron
Sony Entertainment

LeBron stated: “It’s still crazy to think that a kid from Akron who grew up playing games would create something like this. Designing a console shell and controller that gives my students a sense of my promise and where we come from is pretty cool. I hope this is something that will continue to inspire everyone it touches.” And he takes a bit of fun finding meaning in every detail.”

PS5 version Lebron James
Sony Entertainment

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