February 27, 2024

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The only Olympiacos player is not for sale! | Blog – Kostas Nikolakopoulos

The only Olympiacos player is not for sale!  |  Blog – Kostas Nikolakopoulos

K writes. Nikolakopoulos in his blog in the newspaper five things about the heart of Olympiacos!

Well, maybe I’m exaggerating a bit if I write that all the Olympiacos players have been sold, given away, you name it. And maybe I’m exaggerating a bit if I write that only one is not sold. But know that I am not far from reality.

pointing to Of course to Hwang In Beom, whose proposals from abroad Olympiacos doesn’t even hear about. Simply because, on the one hand, he wants to build on it, on the other hand, he didn’t enjoy it much, because he only came last August, so he was in the team for only five months, of which he was missing a month due to Korea’s presence in the Qatar World Cup, Which was distinguished by the way, but he also cried after being eliminated by Brazil in the knockout stages.

Huang He is a gem in the Olympiacos team, a motivating player from the very first match we saw him with the ‘Red and White’, in that match against Apollon Limassol in the Europa League knockout, until the last match, the impressive Match 5-0 on Asteras Tripoli for the Championship.

Vision During the match I was thinking about how important the midfield duo of Impella and Huang are for Olympiacos. When the duo did not work out with PAS because the Frenchman was for an unspecified reason… absent and the Korean was leaving for a 15-day break after the World Cup, we saw the team collapse in the second half in Ioannina. Olympiacos was a regular for the full 90 minutes with Astera because the two pivots were in good shape.

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Ambella It was cut and sewn by Huang at the Olympiacos Centre. It is no coincidence that it was 1-0 from Embela’s high pressing steal at the start of Astera’s attack, nor that Huang hit a loose volley to make it 2-0 and then teamed up with top scorer Hamis. Both the first and most important goals were started by the two central midfielders, who complemented each other.

these two It was the heart and lungs of the team together! They cut, took heads, distributed the balls, changed the game, played vertically, and gave a sign of the determination that the team should have. Because it’s nice to see a beautiful ball, but it’s even better when a beautiful ball is accompanied by a cup of tea. There is no great team without a team. Impella and Huang, with their dynamic tackles, showed the magic that should characterize Olympiacos.

Huang He made Wednesday a truly complete match. You can see him slashing his chest (!) like 3a A stopper in the Paskalakis area, but also to advance, shoot and combine to create chances – not only in goal, but also by being able to instantly see the right pass and execute it in one go, as he did at Olympiacos. Chance in the game, cooperation with Al-Arabi, Huang, Fortuny, Hamis, regardless of whether Hamis’ score from the privileged position is bad.

Yes it is So much so that sometimes he makes mistakes (like a heel with no luck) or, well, doesn’t finish right, like when he went to shoot from the right but failed to get a cross. However, I really believe that when Olympiacos plays better and has the ability to go further into goal-scoring positions, he will score and his image will be that of an 8-man player with great completion.

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And one more thing about Embilas: With five changes, it wouldn’t be a bad idea for Mitchell to protect him by substituting him sometime in the second half, especially since Samaseku seems to be responding slowly. Imbella is turning 33, and it’s unfortunate that the coach made him so refreshed.

For example, with the score at 3-0 against Asteras, Embella could come on before the 80th mark, when Samasikou came on in his place. Thus, in turn, he avoids the yellow card he received in the 78th minute due to a “fatigue” foul.

It is irrelevant, has nothing to do with the topic: and a little bit of nostalgia