February 5, 2023

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“The producer said in front of me ‘little girl can’t, they’re going to hang bells on us'”

the Valeria Korobei I talked about the series.They and meHe revealed the saying he heard from one of the producers of the series, as well as the moment when Yannis Bezos defended her.

The actress was invited to the show “I saw you at noon in the morning,” where she said at the beginning:

“I was a dynamic child, as I claimed in my life. In my teens, I had falls, I don’t know why. When I went to drama school I was a shy child, very shy and very collected. One of the reasons I took up theater was to break the mold of a good student.” “Shy kid. I tensed up a bit. Like something bit me.”.

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Then he said: “Then I found myself in my old childhood. First of all, ‘Me and I’ helped me a lot, making me a bad girl and forcing me to remember some things of my own. Because when Yannis Bezos took me there to show me, I was blown away by the production. Elvira Ralli said in front of me that the little girl You can’t, John, they’ll hang bells for us.”

Finally, stress the following: “I was a shivering little girl. Bezos told her he would play the part just fine. I had to bring in a scientist, to find the girl who had been suffocated. Every role leaves you with something and it was an opportunity for me to find my more dynamic self.”

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