June 25, 2024

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The start of withdrawing the executive authority’s recognition of Belgium’s Muslims

The start of withdrawing the executive authority's recognition of Belgium's Muslims

Minister Vincent van Quekenborn announced on VRT radio his decision to initiate proceedings to withdraw recognition from the Executive Authority of Muslims in Belgium (EMB), explaining that this body, which is responsible for the Muslim community in the country, “can no longer do so”. Be an interlocutor.”

According to a report by State Security that linked its president, Mohamed a few months ago, to extremism, “the electoral management body in particular is under criticism for its lack of transparency as well as for its penetration of the influences of foreign powers, particularly Turkish and Moroccan.”

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Pour le ministre de la Justice, l’attente a été très longue, c’est pourquoi il a décidé d’engager la procédure de retrait de la reconnaissance officielle de l’Exécutif, qui conduira égallement à la fin de sa subvention par l’ condition. The organization does not represent all Muslims in our country. We see an older generation that has lost touch with Muslim youth. Vincent van Quekenborn explained that it is harmful to modern Islam.

However, the minister notes that federal entities can still recognize mosques on an individual basis. The EMB, which receives about €600,000 in annual subsidies for this purpose, will have the right to respond in the course of this withdrawal procedure.

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