December 9, 2023

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The tax office prepares an individual tax calendar via SMS

The tax office prepares an individual tax calendar via SMS

Written by Prokopis Hadjinikolo

The new AADE application for mobile phones is expected to be activated during the month of December, through which citizens will be able to view their tax file and debts to the tax office, pay by card from their mobile phones, and obtain general and personal information and updates about their obligations on their smartphones.

As AADE reported, the new app will also serve as a tax calendar. For example, the professional will receive updates about the VAT return filing dates and the tax payment due date. If for example. If he has not paid VAT by October 30, he will receive a reminder. The same will be done for income tax, ENFIA or for any debtor who has joined an arrangement.

The same tax administration officials reported that, apart from the aforementioned application, phone calls from the tax office seem to be paying off, and a total of 80,000 phone calls have already been planned for this year. First-time taxpayers with delinquent debts and small debtors from prior years are notified as a priority of delinquent debt reminders.

At the same time, he also sends emails. So if you receive an email from addresses [email protected] And [email protected] I know it’s from AADE. The emails sent by the Tax Compliance Department are divided into two main categories:

– Reminder messages. Reminder emails relate to the regular filing of VAT returns for businesses that maintain simple and double books. They are sent to remind you of the relevant obligation. Recipients are debtors who, based on specific criteria, are found to have not yet submitted their declaration.

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– Track messages. Tracking emails are directed to taxpayers who have not met their tax obligations by the deadline. It is sent after the deadline for filing returns or paying debts.

In addition, an electronic system for early notification of loss of settings is also being planned. This system will alert any taxpayer with an active installment arrangement of the risk of losing the arrangement when they default on a monthly installment of their arrangement and it is very close to the due date and the next installment. In this case, he will be notified that if he does not pay the second consecutive installment on time, he will be out of regulation.