June 13, 2024

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The two demands and the plan that led to the double against Olympiacos

The two demands and the plan that led to the double against Olympiacos

AEK faces Olympiacos again in Georgios Kariskakis after eleven days of qualifying for the Novipet Greece Cup final, and in order to win the double in Valero, they have two problems to deal with as well as a driver. Almeida’s thoughts on the lineup.

AEK is back in action after the break due to Easter with a new duel in Faliro against Olympiacos (23/4, 21:00, Cosmo Sport 1 HDAnd Live from SPORT24)this time to Stoiximan Super League And the fifth round of the qualifiers.

This duel has a different background than that of the Novibet Hellenic Cup, as Matias Almeida players will not have any goalposts at their disposal, as in the previous match.

Here, the victory will be more valuable for the development of the championship (because the federation will greatly limit Olympiacos’ chances of winning the title), as will the draw, of course, although the federation will not go down to Georgios Karaiskakis. Ha.

And bad lies, to a large extent, the result of the derby in Valero was also affected by what happened in Tomba between PAOK and Panathinaikos. If all goes smoothly in time for the two matches, Olympiacos and AEK will know the score in Toumba at half-time. This may play a role.

In this match against Olympiacos, Almeida gave a driver and (at least) two issues that he had to solve or limit in order to get the three points in the final.

What AEK must do to win the double in Karaiskakis

One of the problems that Matias Almeida’s AEK team suffers from is the effectiveness of the final stages that it produces in each match, something that the Argentine coach also indicated in his statements to COSMOTE TV. Livia Garcia returned at full speed, but after the injury he sustained in the Asteras Tripoli match, he only scored from a penalty kick against Aris.

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With the exception of Zuber who is in a “good moon”, but whose presence in the starting line-up is not a given, the union must find a solution to score and to do so the yellow and black must eliminate either the haste or the futility they hold in their game piece.

If he finds a solution to the problem of Georgios Karaiskakis In thisagainst an opponent who has suffered enough from … wasted opportunities, he will also have a three-point advantage.

The second thing that AEK will have to do is limit the arms of Olympiacos, which come from the pivot forward. Restricting Inbom Huang who is the driving force in the development of the red and whites and also those who will race behind the striker (be it Fortunes, Valbuena or Biel) will be particularly important for the federation to be able to impose its game.

Thus, she would have taken a step towards her goal and at the same time be able to limit Cedric Bakaboo as well.

Its guide in these games and (re) regulator Pineda

For the derby with Olympiacos, Al Ittihad has a driver who is none other than the good times spent against the same opponent. On the same field, AEK had a great first half in the regular time game, doing whatever they wanted (and losing at the last attempt), while in the final cup game, they needed about 15 minutes of sheer play. Dominance to obtain what is required, which is to qualify for the final.

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These games constitute Georgios Karaiskakis’ Guide to the Union for Doubles. As the pressure rises, the Red and White are completely jammed and battered in the back, showing several weaknesses. However, Almeida stated that he knows how to beat Olympiacos and that remains to be seen on Sunday evening.

As for substituting Araujo against Olympiacos, the “criterion” will again be what Pineda will compete for. The Mexican midfielder will either take it upon himself to surround Garcia in Araujo’s place or on the left in place of Mijat Jasinovic.

His playing scenario on the pivot in front of one Szymanski / Jonsson does not bring many chances. So it remains to be seen how Almeida will fill Araujo’s void, both in terms of his style of play and the help he’s given his teammates on a mental level.

From there, Matias Almeida has at his disposal Nordin Amrabat who beat the injury and Kostas Galanopoulos, and on the other hand, the injured Sidibe and Mohamedi are excluded from the task. In fact, on assignment, Almeida took the 20-year-old England player with him for Zini, who until recently made eight appearances for the second team and has been working a lot with the first team in recent days.

Athanasiadis is expected to sit under the rafters. In defense, players are limited, with Rota and Hajisafi fighting on the wings and Vida-Mukudi in the middle.

In midfield, the Szymanski-Jonson duo looks like it won’t break. On the right, Amrabad is vying with Eliasson for one place and Garcia will be battling it out for the lead. From there, Zuber and Gacinovic claim a spot depending on where Pineda will compete as mentioned above.

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AEK’s mission for the derby with Olympiacos: Stankovic, Athanasiades, Mokody, Rota, Vida, Mitoglu, Hajisafi, Tzavelas, Simanski, Johnson, Gatsinovic, Pineda, Mandalos, Galanopoulos, Amrabat, Garcia, Van Wert, Zuber, Eliasson, Fernandez, Kousidis, Zini.