December 3, 2023

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The war in Israel – Mission Tanks “breath” from the Gaza Strip (video) – Newsbomb – News

The war in Israel – Mission Tanks “breath” from the Gaza Strip (video) – Newsbomb – News

From hour to hour, the ground operation of the Israeli army begins Gaza strip is at the forefront of the battle with the journalist Sotiris Skoloudis.

In the last minutes it happens Transport large tanks In Gaza, from the Sderot side, it is expected that the “thermometer” of tension will “rise.”

Heavy armor is heading specifically to northeastern Gaza and during the exhalation Final warning Provided by Israel to remove civilians.

See Sotiris Skouloudis’ response to

Hezbollah attack in northern Israel

At the same time, the conflict in the Middle East appears to have become more general Hezbollah, as confirmed by its Al-Manar TV network, carried out the attack from Lebanese territory In the town of Shtoula, one person was killed and three injured.

Meanwhile, an article in the famous New York Times, which you learned about since Saturday evening (10/14) from the website, It gives another dimension to the Israeli ground operation, as it believes that the delay is due to the weather and clouds prevailing in the Gaza Strip.

Finally, the United States is sending a second aircraft carrier to the Mediterraneanin order to prevent generalized conflict in the Middle East.

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