June 12, 2024

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‘There is no other way’ to defend Russia, storm Vladimir Putin – Barlaman

'There is no other way' to defend Russia, storm Vladimir Putin - Barlaman


Russia did not haveThere is no other wayTo defend itself rather than unleash its forces in Ukraine, President Vladimir Putin said, Thursday, February 24, at a time when the Russian military is leading an invasion of that neighboring country.

What is unfolding now is under duress, as we are left with no other way to do otherwise.Vladimir Putin said during a televised meeting with businessmen in Moscow. “The security risks were so created that it was impossible to respond otherwiseVladimir Putin was skeptical of Kiev’s and the West’s intransigence over Russia’s security requirements. “They could have put us in such danger that we didn’t know how the country could have survivedHe followed the Russian president, whose country for weeks has been demanding a promise that Ukraine will never join NATO.

Vladimir Putin also emphasized that he did not want to undermine the economic system and did not want to be excluded from it, while his invasion of Ukraine stifled markets and exposed Russia to devastating Western sanctions. “Russia continues to participate in the global economyHe said, adding that Moscow “You do not intend to harm the system in which you find yourselfHe claimed that Russia.intendedto adopt new sanctions against its economy, calling on entrepreneurs to “symbiosisfrom the Russian government.