July 23, 2024

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There's a big update coming for PlayStation 5 with new features

There's a big update coming for PlayStation 5 with new features

the Sony It is preparing to release one of its biggest games at the end of the month PlayStation 5 for the year 2024, Final Fantasy VII Rebirthwhile recently brought The Last of Us Part 2 Remastered And he's preparing for that too Hell Divers 2. For this reason, the company has now stated that it will also bring a major update to the console itself.

More specifically, through PlayStation Blog We've learned that Sony is planning to release a major new update for the PS5 in the coming months, which will include, among other things, new features. First, let us tell you what you see below, some regions will already be able to test it, as the beta version was released today.

This update goes a long way to make it even better DualSense And DualSense Edge, as it became known that the speakers of the controls will now be able to produce louder sound. This will enable you to hear sounds in games and voice chat more clearly.

Sony is also working on improving noise cancellation, as the microphone has been greatly upgraded through AI machine learning. Background noise such as button presses and game audio are suppressed, resulting in a better voice chat experience.

The new feature is sharing screen interactions. Players watching a game through screen sharing in full screen mode will now be able to use different cursors and emojis to interact with the player playing the game in question.

This means that if you are watching a match, you will be able to identify which lines will be drawn or highlight some important elements that will help the player.

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look at the picture:

With the new PS5 update, you will also be able to adjust the brightness of the console's power indicator and adjust it to your liking.

In all likelihood, this update will provide other improvements as well. It is currently available in America, Canada, Japan, Germany, England, and France, and will be released to everyone in the coming months.