June 13, 2024

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They are gambling with our future

They are gambling with our future

in greek elections 2023, We have to choose for our future not between two, three, or four parties, or between two, three, or four different policies. We have to choose between two completely different worlds.

On the one hand, it is reality world On the other hand Fantasy world. The world of creation and the world of conflict. And in a few days we are invited to choose how we want to go through our lives, for the next period of time.

Over the past four years, a lot has happened in our country. The economy delivered a performance that we could not even imagine. the Gross national income It is moving at greater rates than the most powerful economy on earth, namely the USA, and the “industrial heart” of Europe, which is Germany. At the same time, inflation is moving at levels below both of the two major economic forces mentioned above.

Record Greek economy in 2023 Two records, which are at the same time important peaks in relation to the past, but also very strong foundations for the future. The first record was recorded in the foreign investment sector and the second in the export sector.

But are these financial achievements dry numbers? Any monotonous financial numbers? Some non-live statistic, as those who are highly critical of the government argue? Did the improvement in indicators and macroeconomic data reach “the pockets of citizens” or did it only affect a few, as populist voices claim?

The answer comes through indicators of unemployment, which currently stands at 11.5% from 21.1% in February 2019. The answer is an increase in salaries from 2019 until today, without referring only to the minimum wage. And although we know enumerating volumes bores readers, it is imperative that we point them out.

The number of salaried employees in 2022 with a monthly salary of less than €500 decreased by -17.2% compared to 2019.

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Employees with a monthly salary of between 501 and 700 euros in the same time period decreased by -57%.

The number of employees earning a monthly salary increased from 701 to 1000 € by +60.1%.

The number of employees earning a monthly salary between €1001 and €1500 increased by +26%.

The number of employees earning a monthly salary between 1501 and 3000 euros increased by +17.8%.

The number of employees whose monthly salary is more than 3,000 euros increased by 29.5%.

If reductions in taxes are included in these increases, we readily realize that the spread of wealth produced in our country has become a reality.

Could there be more? Of course they can. Was there a delay? Have there been any delays? Have there been failures? Apparently there was. However, the disappointment of not completing reforms and fundamental changes in the field of education, health, justice, and public administration, could not lead us to open the Aeolian Askew.

For the positions of opposition can only be compared with Askos of Aeolos. They are situations that are not related to reality and the normal life of citizens. they are around Realization of potentially “progressive” obsessive ideologies and visions who wish to form a government on May 22.

the Varoufakis party Dreaming of bank collapse amid anti-capitalist daydreaming offered us the alternative plan for our survival in such an extreme scenario. That is, his interest is not aimed at improving the lives of citizens, but at Realizing his wild dreams and revolutionary leadership in the post-adolescent stage. How will Demeter, Odysseus, Persephone and Hades improve the lives of the citizens? in nothing. So much so that he would categorically destroy all the conquests of recent years. It will take us out of Europe.

But the economic policy maestro of the Tsipras-Cameno government is not the only one moving in the realm of fantasy. It is the same Syriza party that was used in 2023 as the front page of its platform State anger And Models of nationalization of Latin American countries. Models that, at the present stage, will not only improve the lives of citizens, but will also threaten Greece’s position in the Western investment environment. A climate of investment insecurity was created at a time when a series of large investments by the world’s largest digital giants were launched in Greece.

the Nationalization of the National Bank and PPC Syriza’s declaration is very problematic, creating turmoil that will have a negative impact on the development path of the real economy. Because what foreign investor would want to invest in Greece, when there is a mood for re-nationalisation, as if we were in Venezuela?

Will the citizens benefit even a little from the nationalization of the PPC? of course not. Because by “price crashing”, on the other hand, PPC will cause losses that must be covered by the Greek government, that is, the Greek taxpayers, who will be the shareholders of PPC. On the other hand, pressure on final prices will also cause losses for private enterprises, which will discourage energy investment needed for green transformation, which is the “key point” of economic development in the next period of time.

At the same time Foreign institutional investors – PPC shareholders, They will face unprecedented acrobatics and tricks of the state, and as a result the confidence that has been built so hard from 2019 until today will be eroded. Any zero in the quotient. The obsessive vision of Syriza executives has simply come true.

Citizens will benefit from it at least to a minimum Nationalization of the National Bank; of course not. On the other hand, the unstable financing of individuals and companies and the “deletion” of liabilities will jeopardize the adequacy of capital, which leads to the possibility of the need for new recapitalization, which, as the sole shareholders of a bank, will be paid again by taxpayers. On the one hand, the nationalization of the National Bank will overturn the successful “virtuous” transformation of the domestic banking system and drive away the last optimistic foreign investor.

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At the same time, it would have brought Greece into full conflict with European banking supervisory authorities European Central Bank and European Institutions. As a result, the dynamics of development, investment, creation of well-paid jobs and an improvement in the standard of living in our country will be lost. And all this to fulfill the ideological obsession and latent revolutionary fantasies of Syriza leaders.

It is clear that in a few days the currently divided mixture, but on May 22nd will unite, not caring about our lives or our future. He is ready to blow everything up. To shake up the European orientation of our country. Because we don’t laugh. Nationalizations, nationalizations, Demeter and myths automatically put us outside Europe. Junk Chaos is only concerned with the fulfillment of all kinds of ideological prophecies that have not yet been justified by Yanis Varoufakis and Alexis Tsipras. Prophecies want to sacrifice our future on the altar of the state, nationalization and anti-systemic.

ps her Resurrection automatic indexing promised by SYRIZA, I’ll just remind you that when it was implemented by PASOK in 1981, it had catastrophic consequences for the economy and led to a severe adjustment and austerity program in 1985-1987.